Thursday, January 27, 2011

Taking the Plunge

That dreaded milestone birthday is quickly approaching, the big 4-0 in late April. I'm actually not feeling bad at all about it though, which is really, really nice. Part of it is just coming to terms with some things in my life over the past couple of years, and being at a place where I am really, truly happy with myself and my life. Pretty awesome feeling. And, the other part is that I share the same birthday with my hubby - which has made it extra special. Plus, he's a few years (I won't say how many, but it rhymes with "sticks") older than me, which also makes me feel a little better... Ha! Although he looks pretty great, and no one ever thinks he is as old (!) as he is.

For our birthday last year, we bought a tree for the back yard - a really cool, unusual tree. This year, we're planning a trip to Roatan, Honduras, and I am so excited. Dave broached the subject by telling me that he had considered a surprise party for me, but wondered if I might like to go on a trip instead... a lot easier to plan (for him), and several days of relaxing for the two of us, versus one big night of fun? Not too difficult of a decision for me, I'll take the vacation, especially over a bunch of black balloons, Ex-Lax and other gag gifts! Hello, sandy beaches and relaxing breezes, here I come!

Here's another part of my plans for my 40th:

Yep, I'm starting scuba lessons next week. While I'm not a big adventurer, scuba diving is something I think I'll really like. Dave has been diving for years, and I had considered getting certified when we were married in Jamaica almost four years ago,. But I just didn't want to spend the 3+ days getting certified during our time there, with all of the other stuff to do. This way I'll be able to take the class work and pool work here in Springfield, and then finish up my open water portion at the resort.

More soon about our trip, the location/resort comes highly recommended by good friends Shawn and Lucas, who have been there twice in the past 18 months and loved it.

That's all for now, but I'll try not to let another 3+ weeks go by without posting.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas at the Ranch

What a wonderful Christmas and New Years' celebration! It was awesome to have almost all of us home for the long weekend ... we missed you, Rob, Michele, Sam, Eva and baby Henry. Happy 2011!