Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things About Me...

I know I haven't talked about it on here yet, but I love Facebook! It has been a blast reconnecting with so many of my high school friends. I had pretty much lost touch with everyone from high school with the exception of one or two friends. So catching up with 25+ people and seeing where they are in their lives 20 years later has been really cool. The below meme is one that I was tagged on in FB, so I figured I'd post it on here as well.

  1. I am more comfortable with myself and my body in my mid-30s than I was when I was younger and SHOULD have been comfortable!
  2. Two of my favorite drinks are red wine and Churchill's Sinless Pastry coffee.
  3. I can read a book in a day, given nothing else to do.
  4. I tell my son that it isn't good for him to eat the slice-and-bake cookie dough, but I always sneak a bite or two when he isn't looking!
  5. I named my son, Jace, after a character in a book- I'm embarrassed to say it was a romance novel!
  6. I broke my jaw in 1991 while waitressing at a restaurant in Springfield, and thus changed my major from vocal music to health care-- have never regretted it, love my job and field.
  7. I'm generally a klutz (see #6) but have made my peace with it!
  8. I was adopted at 6 weeks old and then my parents had three more children. My family is my family, and although I know my bio-mom's name I have never searched for her.
  9. One of my best qualities is my ability to talk to people, find common ground and easily make friends.
  10. I love music, all kinds; I sing and play the piano - both reading music and by ear.
  11. One of my all-time favorite things to do is going to concerts and hearing live music.
  12. I am not a cook; I think I could learn, but have never had the desire to really work at it.
  13. Working in healthcare, I KNOW what I should do to have a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes life gets in the way.
  14. My (adoptive) mom's death when I was 11 was one of the defining things in my life; has influenced who i am, both good and bad.
  15. I can remember my dreams almost every night; I'm a lucid dreamer, i.e. I can sometimes control my dreams- like when I'm falling, etc.
  16. I love old people - their wit, wisdom and general don't-give-a-damn attitude.
  17. I have two dogs, a Lab and a Corgi - they are part of the family.
  18. I was in a rock band in high school - played keyboards and sang backup vocals.
  19. I have a tendency to be cluttered and disorganized with my belongings, one of my not-so-stellar qualities.
  20. I love the beach - and "all-inclusive" vacation is the only way to go -- all the food/alcohol you can handle.
  21. One of the best things I DO make (can this be considered a culinary skill!??) is jello shots. I made 200+ for a houseboat trip down to Eureka Springs last year!
  22. My favorite color for most of my life has been green; over the past 5+ years it has taken second place and I am really drawn to red/red-orange.
  23. I had my navel pierced at one time, but have never had a tattoo; just can't decide what it is that I would still be happy to have at age 70, so have never done so.
  24. I LOVE shopping, clothes and shoes. But I often shop resale, and can't resist bragging if I find a good bargain.
  25. I'm an "information gatherer". I'm never content just knowing a little about a subject (musician, band, book, etc) I love to research it to find out more. All the little things that most people don't care about!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Jace and I went bowling last night, with friend Cindi and her son Bryson. We had a blast! I think the last time I bowled was three or four years ago, and my athletic ability, or lack thereof, extends to bowling. Here we were last night. I brought the camera to take pics of Jace and Bryson, but he wanted to take pictures of us as well. (I have chosen not to post the oh-so-attractive ones of my and Cindi's backsides as we took our turns).

You know the four-step approach and release with that back kick? Nope, I don't do that. I have kind of this 6-8 step shuffle up to the line and then I hurl the ball down the lane. But hey, last night I got three strikes in a row in the ninth and tenth frames! A turkey, or so I've learned through Wii bowling, which we have played plenty of over the past year. Maybe, just maybe, my real bowling skills improved because of the Wii!

The boys had a great time too; I think the last time either of them bowled was a couple of years ago, with bumpers, at Jace's birthday party. But Jace had a great game too, even had a few spares! Then the boys played video games after we finished our game, and Cindi and I caught up on life.

Tonight brings an evening out with friend Jana, as one of her employees is getting married and having her bachelorette party. We're meeting at Springfield Brewing Company for dinner, and then heading to the piano bar. I think they have several other things planned for the evening, but we're calling it a night early; church in the morning and a busy day tomorrow.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Bit of Irony

Here's my newest piece of jewelry, which was technically my Christmas present from D this year. However, in light of recent events I've decided it can instead be considered a gift from me, to me. I mean, I went to the Winterfest art show before Christmas knowing that I was going to buy something from friend and local metalsmith Tammy Kirks' collection, Red Bee Designs. I picked it out, paid for it, brought it home and then wrapped it (necklace and earrings) to put under the tree. So, isn't it pretty much technically from me? Yep, that's what I thought. Anyway, it is a gorgeous piece, I've received many compliments on it.

Now, here's some bad news, and a bit of irony besides, so just thought I'd post about it. One of my very favorite pieces (a one-of-a-kind necklace Tammy made for an Asian-themed women's event we had a few years ago; I won it in the silent auction), has been misplaced. Here's a picture of it -- fabulous, isn't it?

It has been missing for at least a couple of months, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what I've done with it! I change purses very regularly, and so I've went through each of them, thinking that maybe in our trips the lake or out of town that I tucked it in the pocket of one of them while we were traveling.

I was thinking about it last night, as I picked out clothes to wear today, and thought that perhaps this weekend I will go through my entire closet and look for it, and start spreading my wardrobe out again, to the closet in our third bedroom. As I was thinking about it, the irony struck me -- I've lost this Asian necklace, and then a month later, I've lost the Asian (half Asian) husband. Ok, it is probably only ironic to me, but hey - when you're in the middle of something like this, everything can seem like "karma" at times and strike you the wrong way. Part of me is almost (not quite) ok if I don't find the necklace, because it will remind me of him. But I guess I should think positive, and know that if I can wear the necklace that was supposed to be from him for Christmas, then surely I can wear and enjoy an Asian piece that a friend made as well.

On a more positive (less cynical) note, things are going pretty well. D and I have been on friendly terms, and have been touching base with each other on bills and other things. I'm in the process of refinancing my home and car, so looks like I will be okay financially. Jace is doing okay with things; I think he will really miss D, but D wants him to go over to his apartment when Neil is there to hang out and play Wii, so there will still be some contact at least for awhile.

I have another friend who is going through a divorce right now as well, and one thing we've talked about a few times is that God doesn't give you more than you can handle. Some days it is hard to remember that, but I keep trying! And believe it or not, most days I am doing just fine. Each day is a little better. Looking forward to bowling with Jace and a friend/her son tomorrow night, it will be a fun evening.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Apologies

Oh boy, if you read my last post and the comments, you know that I've insulted my favorite brother-in-law... (but shouldn't that comment regain me some points!?) so I have to publicly apologize, since I publicly insulted him!

Luke, if you are indeed reading the blog, let me just say that I know you are always very fashionable. Perhaps I am just not so "fashion forward", as Tara points out; after all, you lived in the Windy City for a time, so you are still all big city and cutting edge even though you're back in Quincy now. Love ya, so now you don't have to exact your revenge on me, right? (ha!)

Happy Monday to all; glad to report that I made it to the gym this morning for 25 minutes of interval cardio. However I just headed up the hall to the kitchen here at work to have two homemade chocolate chip cookies that someone baked for a coworker's birthday! Curses! There goes my calorie burning from this morning.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Friday!

First, I have an update on the newest grandchild in our family... it is ANOTHER boy, per the ultrasound on Wednesday! This will be the fifth grandson, and poor Eva will STILL be the only granddaughter-- but that just means she'll still be spoiled by all the aunts that only have sons! Daddy-to-be Luke is SO excited about it, (I'm sure he would've been thrilled to find out if it was a girl, too, but you know guys-- all about having a SON!) and they will be naming him Isaac Paul.

Here are a couple of photos of the proud dad and mom to be, taken at the Gasaway Family Christmas the weekend before Christmas:

Tara was "practicing" with Baby Eva.

Let's hope Isaac Paul inherits his MOTHER'S
fashion sense (nice sweater, Luke!)
The baby is due in mid-June, so now we are challenged to find a weekend we can all get together between now and then for a baby shower.
Jace and I have enjoyed the day off at home today, and are heading to Joplin later this afternoon to visit high school/college friend Angel and her family. Jace is excited to see Jamie, who is the same age. I'm excited to enjoy some friend time and catch up with her and her hubby, Dale. That's all for now, have some last minute cleaning to do before we head out.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here I Am

Well, despite all that the last few weeks have brought (including some days when I just wanted to stay in bed with the covers over my head!), I have to say I've MISSED blogging.

So, I'm back, and glad to be here. You will notice the conspicuous absence of a last name on my blog--- considering that my first blog was all about the play on words of my new last name, do you really blame me!?

I actually looked at "nancywho.blogspot.com" and "justnancy.blogspot.com" as Blogger addresses, but both were already taken. Soooo, you get my first and middle name. (The blog address "Heart of Life" was already taken too, although it has not been posted to since 2006, so why does the person still have it!?!?)

Deciding on a title for my blog has been an effort in self-reflection as well. Considering how much I love music, I knew I wanted it to be something to do with a lyric or song. My first choice was another John Mayer song, "In Repair" ("I'm in repair, I'm not together but I'm getting there...") because I've always liked that song. I have the i-Tunes live version of the CD, where he's interviewed about the process of writing "In Repair"; he actually sat down and composed the words/music as he jammed with a group of musicians in his studio one day - I've always liked it because of that as well.

And you know, right now, it FITS my life. I AM in repair. But a year from now, two years from now, as life moves on, who wants to still be thinking about being "in repair"? So, as I lay in bed a few mornings ago, I thought that "Heart of Life" better described my feelings. I AM a positive person, and life IS good. I mean, I've got that damn Life Is Good bumper sticker on my car, and I'm not a bumper sticker person!

Life is good, I've got an awesome son, a wonderful family, and scores of supportive friends. You'll probably hear a little about "D" (that's how I will refer to him in this blog; no full name, no other initials, no SOB, or anything else like that!) as I process things. I'm very, very sad about our marriage ending, and it has really been a hard thing over the last three weeks. But I'm making my peace with it, and we will be friends, in time. Even now we are talking, and still care very much about each other.

So, that's it. Post #1 on the new blog. I'm sure I'll have plenty to write about, life is still as busy as ever. Jace is still as funny and adorable as ever, and I've got a new niece, plus another little niece/nephew on the way (we are anxiously awaiting Tara's doctor visit tomorrow, since she will find out the sex of the baby!). Thanks for your support, hope you enjoy reading the new blog as much as I'll enjoy writing.