Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things About Me...

I know I haven't talked about it on here yet, but I love Facebook! It has been a blast reconnecting with so many of my high school friends. I had pretty much lost touch with everyone from high school with the exception of one or two friends. So catching up with 25+ people and seeing where they are in their lives 20 years later has been really cool. The below meme is one that I was tagged on in FB, so I figured I'd post it on here as well.

  1. I am more comfortable with myself and my body in my mid-30s than I was when I was younger and SHOULD have been comfortable!
  2. Two of my favorite drinks are red wine and Churchill's Sinless Pastry coffee.
  3. I can read a book in a day, given nothing else to do.
  4. I tell my son that it isn't good for him to eat the slice-and-bake cookie dough, but I always sneak a bite or two when he isn't looking!
  5. I named my son, Jace, after a character in a book- I'm embarrassed to say it was a romance novel!
  6. I broke my jaw in 1991 while waitressing at a restaurant in Springfield, and thus changed my major from vocal music to health care-- have never regretted it, love my job and field.
  7. I'm generally a klutz (see #6) but have made my peace with it!
  8. I was adopted at 6 weeks old and then my parents had three more children. My family is my family, and although I know my bio-mom's name I have never searched for her.
  9. One of my best qualities is my ability to talk to people, find common ground and easily make friends.
  10. I love music, all kinds; I sing and play the piano - both reading music and by ear.
  11. One of my all-time favorite things to do is going to concerts and hearing live music.
  12. I am not a cook; I think I could learn, but have never had the desire to really work at it.
  13. Working in healthcare, I KNOW what I should do to have a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes life gets in the way.
  14. My (adoptive) mom's death when I was 11 was one of the defining things in my life; has influenced who i am, both good and bad.
  15. I can remember my dreams almost every night; I'm a lucid dreamer, i.e. I can sometimes control my dreams- like when I'm falling, etc.
  16. I love old people - their wit, wisdom and general don't-give-a-damn attitude.
  17. I have two dogs, a Lab and a Corgi - they are part of the family.
  18. I was in a rock band in high school - played keyboards and sang backup vocals.
  19. I have a tendency to be cluttered and disorganized with my belongings, one of my not-so-stellar qualities.
  20. I love the beach - and "all-inclusive" vacation is the only way to go -- all the food/alcohol you can handle.
  21. One of the best things I DO make (can this be considered a culinary skill!??) is jello shots. I made 200+ for a houseboat trip down to Eureka Springs last year!
  22. My favorite color for most of my life has been green; over the past 5+ years it has taken second place and I am really drawn to red/red-orange.
  23. I had my navel pierced at one time, but have never had a tattoo; just can't decide what it is that I would still be happy to have at age 70, so have never done so.
  24. I LOVE shopping, clothes and shoes. But I often shop resale, and can't resist bragging if I find a good bargain.
  25. I'm an "information gatherer". I'm never content just knowing a little about a subject (musician, band, book, etc) I love to research it to find out more. All the little things that most people don't care about!

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Lucas said...

You DO make a damn fine jello shot! That's for sure! They even come in handy single serving containers. Would you like whipped cream on that?

Once a waitress, always a waitress. I'm the same way! :) Love you Nance. Thanks for sharing the list. It was fun reading about you.