Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Friday!

First, I have an update on the newest grandchild in our family... it is ANOTHER boy, per the ultrasound on Wednesday! This will be the fifth grandson, and poor Eva will STILL be the only granddaughter-- but that just means she'll still be spoiled by all the aunts that only have sons! Daddy-to-be Luke is SO excited about it, (I'm sure he would've been thrilled to find out if it was a girl, too, but you know guys-- all about having a SON!) and they will be naming him Isaac Paul.

Here are a couple of photos of the proud dad and mom to be, taken at the Gasaway Family Christmas the weekend before Christmas:

Tara was "practicing" with Baby Eva.

Let's hope Isaac Paul inherits his MOTHER'S
fashion sense (nice sweater, Luke!)
The baby is due in mid-June, so now we are challenged to find a weekend we can all get together between now and then for a baby shower.
Jace and I have enjoyed the day off at home today, and are heading to Joplin later this afternoon to visit high school/college friend Angel and her family. Jace is excited to see Jamie, who is the same age. I'm excited to enjoy some friend time and catch up with her and her hubby, Dale. That's all for now, have some last minute cleaning to do before we head out.


Lucas said...

How's this for funny???? I HAVE that sweater! I got it from the mens department at Old Navy. I also got it in black. One day at work, a fellow co-worker of mine (a guy) and I both showed up in the black version of this sweater. We had our picture taken and it's now on the "twins" wall. It''s much cuter in person than it is in pictures. For real!

Tara said...

First of all, thanks to Lucas for sticking up for Luke's sweater. Nancy must not realize how "hot" argyle is right now. :) Come on Nance, fashion forward!!

Second, Nancy bashing Luke's sweater on your blog. You know that will come back to haunt you eventually! Luke will have some sort of revenge sooner or later. I'm just teasing you. Although I do think he looked very fashionable in it.