Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here I Am

Well, despite all that the last few weeks have brought (including some days when I just wanted to stay in bed with the covers over my head!), I have to say I've MISSED blogging.

So, I'm back, and glad to be here. You will notice the conspicuous absence of a last name on my blog--- considering that my first blog was all about the play on words of my new last name, do you really blame me!?

I actually looked at "nancywho.blogspot.com" and "justnancy.blogspot.com" as Blogger addresses, but both were already taken. Soooo, you get my first and middle name. (The blog address "Heart of Life" was already taken too, although it has not been posted to since 2006, so why does the person still have it!?!?)

Deciding on a title for my blog has been an effort in self-reflection as well. Considering how much I love music, I knew I wanted it to be something to do with a lyric or song. My first choice was another John Mayer song, "In Repair" ("I'm in repair, I'm not together but I'm getting there...") because I've always liked that song. I have the i-Tunes live version of the CD, where he's interviewed about the process of writing "In Repair"; he actually sat down and composed the words/music as he jammed with a group of musicians in his studio one day - I've always liked it because of that as well.

And you know, right now, it FITS my life. I AM in repair. But a year from now, two years from now, as life moves on, who wants to still be thinking about being "in repair"? So, as I lay in bed a few mornings ago, I thought that "Heart of Life" better described my feelings. I AM a positive person, and life IS good. I mean, I've got that damn Life Is Good bumper sticker on my car, and I'm not a bumper sticker person!

Life is good, I've got an awesome son, a wonderful family, and scores of supportive friends. You'll probably hear a little about "D" (that's how I will refer to him in this blog; no full name, no other initials, no SOB, or anything else like that!) as I process things. I'm very, very sad about our marriage ending, and it has really been a hard thing over the last three weeks. But I'm making my peace with it, and we will be friends, in time. Even now we are talking, and still care very much about each other.

So, that's it. Post #1 on the new blog. I'm sure I'll have plenty to write about, life is still as busy as ever. Jace is still as funny and adorable as ever, and I've got a new niece, plus another little niece/nephew on the way (we are anxiously awaiting Tara's doctor visit tomorrow, since she will find out the sex of the baby!). Thanks for your support, hope you enjoy reading the new blog as much as I'll enjoy writing.


Rob said...

I tried "nancyrocks.blogspot.com" and it's taken too! Oh well...

Looking forward to future posts!

Tara said...


Glad you are back!! I missed checking in on you! Also, kudos on the name of the blog. John Mayer is one of my favs, so I think your title is great!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go! Glad you are back at it. You are an inspiration....and a great person besides!

Anne said...

Howdy - I'm SO glad you are back - I have missed your writing and know it will help you work through the pain - and enhance the happiness in your life. The title is so fitting - perfect choice.

Lucas said...

Welcome back Nancy Pants! Glad to have you around. Love your positive attitude. I know it's tough but you are a tough cookie. Can't wait to support you through your next adventures. Big Hugs!

Anonymous said...

You're officially a link on the top of my browser. :o) Glad you are back.

Love you lots,

Annie said...

Nancy, glad to hear from you again...I've heard a few songs lately that make me think of you, and this is another good one :)

Rob said...

Just thinking of more blog addresses...

nancypants.blogspot.com is taken! Rats.

Then I thought of TV shows you could tie in. And I've got good news! uglynancy.blogspot.com is still available!!

Just doing my brotherly duty.