Saturday, January 24, 2009


Jace and I went bowling last night, with friend Cindi and her son Bryson. We had a blast! I think the last time I bowled was three or four years ago, and my athletic ability, or lack thereof, extends to bowling. Here we were last night. I brought the camera to take pics of Jace and Bryson, but he wanted to take pictures of us as well. (I have chosen not to post the oh-so-attractive ones of my and Cindi's backsides as we took our turns).

You know the four-step approach and release with that back kick? Nope, I don't do that. I have kind of this 6-8 step shuffle up to the line and then I hurl the ball down the lane. But hey, last night I got three strikes in a row in the ninth and tenth frames! A turkey, or so I've learned through Wii bowling, which we have played plenty of over the past year. Maybe, just maybe, my real bowling skills improved because of the Wii!

The boys had a great time too; I think the last time either of them bowled was a couple of years ago, with bumpers, at Jace's birthday party. But Jace had a great game too, even had a few spares! Then the boys played video games after we finished our game, and Cindi and I caught up on life.

Tonight brings an evening out with friend Jana, as one of her employees is getting married and having her bachelorette party. We're meeting at Springfield Brewing Company for dinner, and then heading to the piano bar. I think they have several other things planned for the evening, but we're calling it a night early; church in the morning and a busy day tomorrow.

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Rob said...

That's a great photo of Jace & Bryson -- genuinely happy smiles.

Congrats on the Turkey!