Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter Fun!

I'm a little slow in getting these posted, the snow was actually LAST week. Jace was ecstatic that he was off school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; me, I was happy to have a little time off with him and worked half-days while he was off. The photos below were from Wednesday. He was out in the cold for two hours with all the other kids at the nearby school, it is a great hill!

Of course before we headed over to the school he had to try out another GREAT hill, our driveway. The thing is so steep, I am glad it is good for SOMETHING!

He had a blast sledding with friends at the school; last year I actually got out there and went with him, but this year I was content to sit in the car and read while he went with friends.

Now this week the snow is melting- well, it was yesterday, but today we are back to 28 degrees.... Brrrr!! I'm hoping the weekend brings warmer temperatures. I'm ready for spring, although I know we still have a couple more months of potential winter weather.


Rob said...

You can't help but note the irony that school is closed due to bad weather... yet the kids are out sledding where? At school!

Boy I sure miss snow days! Too bad hospitals never close.

Lucas said...

28 would be like a heat wave for me. Everyone here is all atwitter that it may actually get all the way up to 30 today! It was -5 on my way in this morning. Anyway, glad you are enjoying the snow and spending time with Jace. :)