Sunday, December 13, 2009

Deck the Halls

Ahhh, it is that time of year- in addition to the shopping crunch we also have to squeeze numerous parties into a three week time frame, all the in the name of holiday cheer- and this year is no exception. Last week's hectic schedule included two midweek work-related parties, and then both my and Dave's work parties were on Friday night! Ack!

Dave dressed extra casual for our Christmas parties this year; he, his boss and two other coworkers had seen KISS (KISS Alive: Thirty-five!) in KC the night before, and had made plans to don their attire for our evening's Christmas festivities. I was glad they got to go to the concert, sounded like a great time and KISS put on quite a show. (Plus now I won't feel too bad about plans to go see a concert with friends in March!)

Dave's boss has a great basement, equipped with all kinds of games, and this year we had a blast with Rock Band - like Guitar Hero, but with lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals - big fun!

Saturday night we enjoyed dinner at friends' Carl and Pam's home, with other dock friends Tom and Christy. Dinner was scrumptious, conversation was hilarious (between Carl and Tom's stories, we spent the evening holding our sides!) and Dave got to see his buddy, Jack the wonder dog!

In addition to a delicious dinner, Pam also had a ton of desserts, including MY favorite, cannolis! YUM!!

I'm back to work full-time tomorrow, and hoping to be back to working out again soon as well. All of this holiday food is not conducive to weight maintenance or loss! That's all for now, lots to do before heading back to work tomorrow.

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Lucas said...

I love it that Dave is actually flashing the "I love you" sign instead of the official ROCKER hand! What a sweetheart you have there! :)