Friday, August 13, 2010

Blog Procrastination

You know how you feel when someone gives you a gift, and you think “Oh, I need to sit down tonight and write them a thank you note” …. but then life gets in the way and pretty soon six weeks have passed by, and by now you’re pitifully late on sending the note, so you wonder if you should even send it… you know you’re already so tardy on the thank-you, it is painful to even think of sitting down and writing it because NOW you will have to apologize for being late on top of thanking them for the gift …. Ack!!!

I know some of you would never let this happen, but others of you – you feel my pain. I’m a procrastinator at times, when it would be SO much easier to just do it. I know it is a fault of mine. And I’ve worked (and continue to work) on it, and definitely improved in some areas of my life. But this is how I've felt about my blog for the past three weeks.... first, I didn’t want to post again until I could fix the template on my blog, because I changed it to a newer Blogger template and can’t get the old one back!

Sooo, I thought I would just take the time to do that first, but it just hasn’t been high on my list. And then comes the fretting about the backlog… “Oh, I should sit down and blog tonight…. but geez, I’ll need to catch up and put pics from the STL Cards game a couple of weekends ago… AND tell about the saga of my running shoe purchase… AND update on my new job…AND, I can’t forget that funny story about Jace… oh god, I don’t have time for this. I just won’t blog tonight.” And that, my friends, is why I have not posted anything on here since July 27th. Happy Friday!


Lucas said...

It's your blog toots. No one is keeping score. Life comes first.

The End.

TT said...

NBD Nance!! Can't wait to see you and Jace!