Sunday, February 27, 2011

From Dating to Duct Tape

Ah, the roller coaster of adolescence. Last time I wrote about my 12-year-old's comments/plans on how he is going to be dating next year. Now this week, he's back to his almost-obsession with making things out of duct tape. Dave and I have joked about giving him duct tape for Christmas and birthdays, and I think he'd be thrilled.

Check out the messenger bag he made:

He and a friend made the front part at school in art, and then he finished rigging it with strap, etc and is now using it for his backpack. Creative kid!

We've all enjoyed a quiet weekend at home with the kids, we're watching season 3 of the TV show 24 on Netflix. I've finished week four of scuba lessons, and Dave and I headed to the scuba pool yesterday so I could practice putting all my gear together (scuba is an "equipment intensive" hobby, and lots of things to make sure are correct before getting into the water). We spent some time at the bottom of the pool, working on neutral bouyancy (finding the place where we were hovering, not going up or down)and clearing the water out of my mask, taking it off underwater, etc. I'm feeling more comfortable each time I'm in the water, and looking forward to our trip to Honduras in six weeks.

Now back to 24, and finishing up laundry before the week starts.


Lucas said...

Sis, I'm SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! Glad to hear the SCUBA is going well! So excited for your trip. I have the cards made and ready to ship and just have to pick up the nail polish before I can get that in the mail to you. You are just gonna have a blast! And it's such a DIFFERENT kind of vacation when all you worry about is eating, sleeping, sunning and diving. SO RELAXING!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nancy!!! I didn't know you had a blog!! I'm having so much fun reading it and catching up with your life! Pat gave me your info. and I've misplaced it. So, I want to get in touch and get together. Send me an email at work and I'll get you all my personal info and get yours. We need to do dinner. :)