Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dream a Little Dream...

What a fabulous morning! The sun is out and the sky is clear, even though the forecast has promised rain, rain, rain for five days straight! A cup of coffee, some pancakes for me and Jace, and a little NCIS on the DVR for us, while Dave is sleeping in - life is good.

It is exciting to have a day with not much planned, besides a few "to do" items around the house. Life is running at a crazy pace right now, just a variety of things going on. I was gone to a work conference from Sunday evening through Tuesday, and played catch-up at work the rest of the week. Dave's job has been 90-to-nothing, traveling to Dallas each week and hiring/training new sales staff. Jace is almost done with school for the summer, and is having trouble staying motivated to finish strong for the year.

So with all this going on, it really shouldn't be a surprise that the crazy of life is seeping through to my subconscious world, as well. I've always had very vivid dreams, and typically remember them after waking, and for days afterwards. Sometimes they're actually fairly similar to life (so much so that I have to really think about if a conversation was one that I had in a dream or in real life!), but others are so bizarre that I have no idea how my mind created them.

The day before yesterday I woke up, having dreamt that I had an assignment (homework? a work assignment?) to find a flatbed trailer and a dump truck. I was supposed to then find a horse to put in the dump truck, on the flatbed, and drive it all to Kansas City. I was very stressed about it, having no idea how I'd find a flatbed, that there were only a few in each town near me. Dave was helping me with it, and then we ended up at my parent's house, trying to talk my mother into letting us take her favorite horse, Cinco. Good grief!

Any interpretations are welcome - I have no idea what it meant, but it made me laugh. And to be thankful that I don't have to really track down any of these things for work... makes the REAL job seem a little less of a challenge, relatively speaking!

Enjoy the weekend!

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