Thursday, December 1, 2011

Family Thanksgiving 2011

This year's Thanksgiving at my folks' house was the first one in many years that we all fit around one table, and didn't have a second table full of people in the other room. With only 12 people, it was a small gathering, but we still had a great weekend.   We missed having Tara, Ann and Thomas and their families with us - it was just me, Susan, Rob and our families - well, it was just me and my two dogs, since Jace spends Thanksgiving each year with his dad and their family.  Landon and Payton always miss seeing him at Thanksgiving, but it is nice knowing that we'll all be together a month later for Christmas.

I've been hard at work completing my homework assignment for my last photography class tonight.  After it is finished, I will post my ten photos on here as well!  In the meantime, I want to get this post done, but it will be skimpy on the storytelling... the photos of our family turkey day will have to tell their own story:

The Z boys and their dog, Daisy

Payton in action

Run, Payton, run!

A rare smile for the camera from Miss Eva!

Ole JCrew , as I like to call Ron,
with his catalog model good looks...


More wrestlin' (had to put two photos - one with each
of them getting the best of the other...)

On the phone with Tara, as we prepare
to eat Thanksgiving dinner...

Zartman Family - I got to play
photographer this year!

Yes, Dad, we know -  it is "only coffee" in your
cup... the deacons at church will never know 

any different!  :)


Lucas said...

Pictures can tell such great stories. :) Glad you had a nice holiday Nancy.

Lindsay said...

Hey you! Miss you pretty face. Would love to catch up sometime. Good to see your posts on here. XOXO Lindsay