Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Suz!

Happy Birthday to my sissy, Susan!   Okay, it was yesterday, but there weren't enough hours in the day to get all the things done that I needed to do, so this one had to wait until today.  Yesterday was her 39th birthday - and now, for the next four months, I get to tease her that we're only a year apart in age (until I hit the big 4-1 in April, that is).

I'm sure she may tell me that I could have picked a better photo than the one above... but I liked it, with her sparkly brown eyes and wide smile -  it was taken last Christmas in St. Clair, with all of us giggling as we were posing for photos.

Here are a few other memories, from 35+ years ago:

With Dad in 1974 - I was three, and Suz was one.

Look at her curly hair and big smile!

In the wading pool with Rob

It was so much fun growing up with several siblings - while there were six of us total, I was closest in age to Susan, and spent the most time with her, as a result.  With only a year and four months between us, she and I shared a lot growing up - including a bedroom, our first car (which Dad nicknamed the Blue Goose, our 1984 blue Chevy Cavalier) and many, many memories.

We were two years apart in school; I wish I could easily locate the article that was written about us for the school newspaper when we were teenagers - I know we both had the permed curly hair and hairsprayed bangs that were popular in the late 80s, which would be a hoot to include in here!

Twenty-plus years later, we're both approaching (gasp!) middle age, and have sons that are growing up together.  Hard to believe how time has flown by!   Happy birthday, Suz.  You look fabulous, a tribute to your genes AND your fabulous skin care regimen.  (Had to include an MK plug in here, you know!)

Love you, sissy!!


Susan said...

Hey, I do look at your blog occasionally!!! Very nice tribute. Nice photos there with our 70s apparel! Sister, I must correct you...we are one year and 8 months apart!! But I love the write up on me! I actually forgot about the HS article. Love you!

Tara said...

Very nice Nancy! It was really sweet.


Lucas said...

Sweet post. :) My sister and I are 13 months apart and grew up in a similar way as you two.