Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring Update

No, I'm not starting to just post seasonally - although I know it may seem that way, to regular readers of my blog.  :)   It is already May, and I'm just getting around to posting our family Easter photos. It was a great weekend, with all the siblings home for the holidays except Ann and Thomas - we missed them very much! We had our family dinner on Saturday evening, and church on Sunday morning, but other than that it was nice and simple - an enjoyable, relaxing weekend.

The little grandkids were big enough now that they enjoyed lots of outside fun, including the jump house Brian brought, dyeing eggs, and an Easter egg hunt. The older grandsons also enjoyed their own Easter egg hunt in the back yard, as well as a game of whiffle ball with Brian, Luke and Ron.

Here are a few photos from the weekend. It isn't ALL of the photos, because I have somehow lost them, somewhere in my little red laptop that quit working, and the external hard drive that I tried to load everything on. I am enjoying my new iPad, but the downside to it is that I cannot upload photos to my blog on it, which doesn't make it as convenient to blog - I'm using Brian's laptop right now to finish this post, and to get some photos from our KC weekend on here as well, sometime soon.

Daniel, Eva Sam and Isaac ready for the hunt!

Brian and Daniel

The guys relaxing out on the patio


Grandpa Nick and the boys

All the grandsons

I'm missing my photos of whiffle ball, as well as some great photos of Rob, Michele and their family - but we were all taking plenty of photos at that point, so I'm sure they still have some great ones!   Looks like we'll be getting together a couple more times in the next few months - for Grandpa Lawson's 80th birthday in June, as well as the July 4th holiday - it is amazing how much the kids - big and little ones- grow between our gatherings - can't wait to see them all again soon.

In the meantime, baseball is in full swing for us, with tournaments the last several weekends - Jace is counting the days left in school (7) and we just got home from going to watch The Hunger Games with Brian, as part of my Mother's Day.  Now Brian is cooking dinner for us, another part of my Mother's Day - it has been a very special day for me.  Thinking of my mother Catherine today, of course; and also called to talk to my grandmother and mother in Poplar Bluff.   Hope it has been a special day all of the other mothers reading this, as well, and you've been able to spend it with those you love, like I have.

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