Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Opening Day (and other updates)

I'm back! Did you miss me? It seems like there are so many things that I need to get done, and blogging has been waaaaaayyyyy down on the list!

We headed to STL for the opening day of Cardinals baseball a couple of weeks ago; what a fun road trip! The game was on a Monday, and we headed up with friends Chris and Jana on Sunday for an evening of R&R before the game day.

Need I say that the boys were not the designated drivers for the trip up (they each only had one beer, actually, but it was a big one!) Once we arrived in St. Louis, we headed down to our hotel near the stadium and enjoyed happy hour and dinner down on The Landing.

Dave ran into an old college roommate the next day, as we walked by Kilroy's on the way to the stadium. So we stopped there for awhile and enjoyed some lunch in the sunshine- couldn't have asked for a better day, weather-wise!

The game was awesome; I've never been to Opening Day before, and it was quite the show! The Clydesdales made their trip around...

Then several Hall of Famers came out onto the field and were recognized, including Stan Musial...

Our seats were awesome - we were underneath the jumbo-tron, had little tables for four and all-inclusive food/drink.

AND, the Cards won! I'm so glad we were at this game, rather than the one last week where they lost after 20 innings to the NY Mets... awful! We bought tix to another couple games while we were there, and will be heading up on July 3rd with Jace and Neil for a game.

The other blog-worthy event is the backyard, and all the work we've been doing.

We paid a landscaper to do some of it, but Dave (& Neil) also did quite a bit to finish it up. We had all the old yews torn out in the front flower beds, and all the old grass in part of the back yard stripped and then re-sodded, and edged the whole area with flower beds.

We just planted that little tree on the left in the picture above, a dwarf maple. And these wisteria vines that will quickl grow up over the pergola, in the picture below. These will be the only plants we have in the back yard for awhile, in sticking with our budget; but we wanted to get the "bones" of the landscaping done this year, and then we can work our way into planting, etc.

The other thing that I started on this weekend was painting the deck railing... FUN. I'm going to pay Jace to help me paint, he can earn a little extra money, and it might not take me 8 weekends to get this project done, with a little extra help!

That's about it for now... birthday weekend coming up, I'll be the big 3-9, and Davey B will be 45! Quiet weekend, just hanging with the kiddos.

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Lucas said...

Hey looky there! It's John and ChakaConnie! LOVE those guys! :) The game looks awesome and the yard looks AMAZING!!!! Nice work you guys! You'll have a wonderful summer of entertaining back there I suspect!