Sunday, April 11, 2010

Family Easter 2010

Easter weekend with the family was great; the week afterwards was crazy, so just getting around to posting pics. I love heading home for family weekends on Friday night, to have a full weekend with everyone. The emails and texts started flying back and forth on Thursday, "when r you getting to St C this wkend?"... Jace and I hit the road after he got home from school, but three other sibs and their families were already home by the time he and I arrived about 8:15 Friday night.

I had had the day from h*ll at work, one of those days when if something can go wrong, it will. I just wanted it to be a quiet day, a nice start to the holiday weekend, where I could sneak out a little early; but it wasn't. That coupled with the fact that when I arrived home, Dave said that the movie store had called him to say that the movies due on Wed were not returned. Yes they were, I returned them Wed night! Uh, to the wrong store. Nice.

So we hit the road, with me taking deep breaths and telling myself to relax. It poured the entire three hour drive, and my shoulders were up to my ears from the stress of the drive by the time I made it to St. Clair. But then I walked into the kitchen and was greeted by Ann, Tara, Matt, Luke, Ron and little Isaac, and I was ready for the weekend to begin! It was awesome to just sit down and chill out with them. Chilling did (of course) involve cracking open a bottle of wine, (they were already sipping on a little Crown and Coke) and just decompressing for a few hours.

It was a great night, just relaxing and not worrying about anything.

Saturday was beautiful, and Tara, Luke, Ann and I headed to walk the track at the highschool. We walked about an hour and a half, it was a great way to start the morning. Saturdays always seem to have an undercurrent of stress, with ongoing fretting about who is fixing what for the holiday meal, what time we're going to eat, when is ________ going to get here (whoever didn't come in on Friday night), what did Dad forget to buy at the store (Mom saying that) and then at least a couple of Walmart trips by various siblings/in-laws, to get whatever Mom or Dad forgot, and/or what someone needs to make the dish that they said they were going to make, AND some more beer or wine to make it through the evening.

And this weekend was no exception - all of the above happened. But my BILs seem to have the right attitude; they are in charge of cooking the meat for most holiday meals, and they just lay low, avoid any drama, and just do their cooking over at "Grandma G's house" (my grandma used to live there, it adjoins my parents home, and that's where some of us stay when we come home). Like Luke said, you just have to have the mindset that even though the plan was to eat at a certain time, it absolutely will not happen; so just sit back, get done what you are supposed to, and then plan to wait. And enjoy a beer, or two, or four.

The kids were talking about an Easter egg hunt all day, so after dinner Saturday night we filled the bag of plastic eggs full of candy, and hid them all over the yard. We made the older boys leave a section of the yard alone, so Sam and Eva could find some eggs. Sam was so funny, he would pick an egg up, shake it, and if it didn't have anything in it then he would give it to Eva, who was too little to know any better, and happy with any egg she got!

Isaac was too little to hunt eggs this year, so his mom dressed him up and put him in his stroller. Looks like he's having a blast, huh!? Next year he'll be running all over looking for eggs!

Here are a few family pics from Easter Sunday:

That was a week ago, and now I'm up early today, getting this posted before we head to St. Louis with friends Chris and Jana for the opening day Cardinals game tomorrow. Looking forward to a fun evening tonight and then a gorgeous game day tomorrow. Go Cards!

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