Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Out Like a Lamb

The last day of March was true to form - finally, finally, finally - an absolutely gorgeous spring day! Our crosstraining class headed outside for our workout after cycling today; it was great to be outside with the sun in my face and the breeze in my hair. The forecast here looks promising for the weekend as well, looks like just a small chance of rain on Saturday. Good weather here means that Dave will miss Easter festivities with my family, but with good reason.

His current position has him traveling M-Th while he gets his sales reps in the two offices in AR and OK up and going. He's enjoying the travel for the most part, but the big change is that he now has very limited time to tackle the outside chores and other projects around the house. He started stripping the fence several weeks ago, but rain has kept him from finishing it the last three weekends (ok, rain two weekends and Bristol one weekend, but who's counting!?) Now we're getting ready to have some professional landscaping done in our backyard starting next week, and we're down to the wire on finishing the fence and prepping the backyard. Soooo, guess who gets to have a weekend at home, which he's looking forward to, and I get to see my WHOLE family -- ALL the sibs, all the nephews and that one beautiful niece! And I'm definitely looking forward to that, it will be wonderful to have everyone together.

At work, we're finishing up renovations to our office; losing space to a physician practice is a bummer, but a necessary evil, as space is at a premium. The one thing that I really hate is we're losing our restroom in our office suite- I have been spoiled having it right there next to me for the last several years! I'm sure my bladder is going to pay the price of procrastinating on that walk all the way to our other office area across the hall in our building every time I need to go! Cry me a river, I know. If this is the biggest thing I need to worry about at work then things are pretty good, huh!? Just have to keep things in perspective!

Dave just called and told me that Paige is coming home this weekend, so while he is home getting some work done, he will also get to see her - a definite bonus for Easter weekend!

Back to the landscaping - will have to post some "before" pics on the yard very soon, before work starts. It is exciting to have some plans for the area AROUND the massive deck - one of my favorite things is that we will have some wisteria on our pergola that Dave built.

Ok, time to finish up some cleaning and start packing.

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