Monday, March 15, 2010

A Lost Weekend

Daylight savings time, blechhhh. Actually, I love that we'll have more daylight later each evening as we ease into summer, but that initial adjustment to moving the clock one hour forward really stinks! Even though I didn't get to sleep in on Saturday or Sunday, we had a fairly non-productive, although thoroughly enjoyable, weekend. Considering the weather was cold (40s) and rainy, it was a great weekend to camp out in the living room and enjoy some family time.

Jace and I started our Saturday morning working a shift with our church at a local branch of the organization Kids Against Hunger. We worked in groups of four or five volunteers, scooping layers of rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables and protein powder into meal-sized bags that were then weighed and sealed. Over the two 2-hour shifts, the KAH coordinator said we would package about 30,000 meals, to be sent as relief to Haiti. There were lots of parents, grandparents, and kids there helping, and I liked that Jace and I could spend some time together giving to others, even with something as small and simple as working a couple of hours on a Saturday.

Jace liked reading about and looking at all of the pictures and facts about different countries in the KAH lobby. He wanted me to take his picture in front of the information about Mexico; he commented about the statistic (Oops, guess I cropped it out of this picture) that according to the World Food Bank, 53% of Mexico's population is living on less than $2.00 per day. Kinda brings it home, even for an 11-year-old; we are so lucky to live in the country that we do.

A big highlight of the weekend was spending time with Paige, who drove home Saturday from KC for a week of spring break. While we were waiting for her to get home Saturday afternoon, Dave and Neil headed to the movie store to see what they could find for that night (as a rule of thumb I'm not allowed to pick the family movies anymore, and for good reason; admittedly I almost always pick something totally lame). They came back with a couple of movies, AND Season 1 of NBC's series, "Lost".

I remember when it premiered, back in 2005. It was one of those shows that looked good, however as with any series, if you miss out on the first season then there's really no use trying to catch up and figure out what's going on. But ahhh, the wonders of modern technology! 20+ episodes of "Lost", commercial free and no waiting a week in between to see what happens... I do realize that we're about five seasons behind, but that just means we have several weekends worth of entertainment with the kids over the next several months!

Sunday after church Dave fixed a huge brunch, with omelets, hashbrowns, and biscuits, it was delicious.

Then we settled in for another afternoon of "Lost", and even after an afternoon of watching we STILL had three DVDs worth of episodes left at the end of the evening! Unfortunately, I belatedly realized on Sunday night that our "Lost" marathon had kept me from doing more than one load of load of laundry the entire weekend. So tonight I'm playing catch up -Dave's out of town, Jace is with his dad, and I'M getting a few things checked off the list here at home. I've done three loads of laundry, I just turned all the clocks forward (so I'm no longer mentally figuring the time every time I glance at one)... and yes, watching I'm another DVD of "Lost". Just talked to Dave a bit ago, and he found it online at Hulu, so he's doing the same! We're hooked!

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