Wednesday, March 24, 2010

As if I wasn't already feeling like I'm not doing enough...

Check out this article posted yesterday on MSNBC about the findings of a recent study. Apparently middle-aged and older women who are at a healthy weight- and want to maintain it without dieting- need to moderately exercise for an hour every day to stay at that weight. Every single day. Seven days. Every week.

Now I KNOW there are women out there that do that, and heck, I'm even friends with some of them (and you KNOW who you are)! But that's pretty daunting. I know, you same women will tell me that I just have to make time, and make it a priority, work up to the seven days a week. Or at least do five or six days, and take one off a week. And don't beat myself up when I fall off the wagon. Like this week - although I think an ear infection and strep throat is probably an acceptable reason to miss the cycling workouts this week.

Getting an hour of moderate exercise in every day is a great goal, and I'll work towards it. I've been cycling 2 days a week, and doing cardio and some strength another day a week, and even sometimes another one, for a total of four days. And I feel GREAT when I do get that much in. I've seen improvements in my cardio, and also in my muscle tone, even if I haven't seen much of a weight loss yet. But it is rather disconcerting to realize that I will need to continue increasing my exercise as I get older, to even get the same results as I am seeing right now! Damn metabolism!

I had to chuckle when I clicked on MSNBC tonight to find and link to this article, because today's page had a follow-up article titled "Hour of exercise? Yeah, right, many women say"... hear hear, sister!


Lucas said...

STOP WATCHING TELEVISION!!!! No good can come of it. Also, stay away from WOMEN'S MAGAZINES!!! Just keep doing what you are doing honey. You are fit and fabulous and the news is just looking for ANYTHING to put on TV and most of it is just JUNK! You are perfect just the way you are. Love you!

Working Stay-At-Home Mom said...

I love TV.

How about only watching tv on the treadmill.

I have seen look great! Don't worry about it. Just keep doing what you are doing.

By the way I think they are full of crap. Just give up soda.