Monday, March 22, 2010

John Mayer: 2010 Battle Studies Tour

Pretty awesome picture, isn't it? I got a couple of good shots like this one, and not sure quite what exactly I did on the camera to get them! And of course a bunch that weren't so good- too much light, too blurry, etc. I was very fascinated with the ongoing quality pics and videos taken by the guy right in front of us, using a simple point & shoot camera. I chatted with him at the break, and he was modest about his abilities but his friends bragged on his other "professional" camera, and the pictures he took at their daughter's birthday party... obviously he knows how to take photographs, no matter what kind of camera he's using. I was lucky to get my couple shots, but I'd love to learn how to adjust the exposure etcetera, to get even close to the kinds of photos he was getting with a basic camera.

Anyway.... John Mayer, Saturday night, Scottrade Center in St. Louis, with friend and fellow music enthusiast, Stephanie. Our seats were great, and the music was absolutely amazing. One of my very, very, VERY favorite things to do is to see a live concert; just the excitement, the booming thump of the music, the cheering of the crowd, the anticipation of what hits and deep cuts the artist will include in the concert set (we nailed the guess on what song Mayer would open with - "Heartbreak Warfare", excellent intro) and the feeling of being "right there" with the music and the musician.

Opening act Michael Franti with Spearhead

I have loved John Mayer's music for the past several years, and this concert certainly showcased his breadth as a musician; he's grown so much musically since I saw him in 2005 with my sis Annie. My favorite music of his is from 2008's Continuum album - my blog title is from that album. As a musician, he's phenomenal on the guitar - one of the best blues guitarists of our time, according to many of the guitar legends from the past 30 years.

But his songwriting is what speaks to so many of his fans - songs about growing up, about growing older, about love, anger, and angst. He played so many great songs Saturday night, but one of my favorites was "Wheel" - at the time I thought it was from Continuum, but it was actually from 2003's Heavier Things:

John Mayer - Wheel
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As Stephanie and I walked back to the hotel after the concert, we talked about some of his comments while he was on stage, just discussing where his life is now and that hopefully he's learned from his mistakes, etc. Stephanie hit the nail on the head when she commented that John Mayer obviously is a spiritual person, and his emotions run deep, to be able to write like he does. But he is also so clearly searching, for something, and is really lost in his life, despite (or because of) the fame, money and success he's experienced.

Of course, isn't that how many songwriters are? It is the searching and the torment that enables them to write the songs that speak to so many people. So I guess it is a double-edged sword - if he finds happiness and completes his life, will his music then change for the worse? Let's hope not, that both can happen in conjunction - that he can be happy AND write great music.

It was a great trip, and nice to have six hours in the car to catch up with Stephanie - we're both so busy, there's never enough time to just talk. The only downside to the weekend was getting sick - started with a scratch and sore throat on Friday, wasn't feeling the greatest all of Saturday, and progressively worse by Sunday night. The diagnosis via urgent care visit today was probable strep throat and definite infection in both ears, but I'm already on pill two of my antibiotics, so sure to feel much better by tomorrow. Dave's home from his four day NASCAR trip to Bristol, but he's steering clear of me this evening, hoping to avoid the crud!

Jace is on break from school this week, so I'm looking forward to a day or two off work with him, later in the week. Off to bed now, to catch up on sleep and get back to work tomorrow.


Steph Haase said...

What a great weekend with my sweet, amazing friend. Glad to hear you got some meds. We need to do this again soon!!! Love you!!

Tara said...

Nance! So jealous you got to go see John. I have seen him twice in concert and both times were amazing! The first time was in 2003 at the Fox Theatre, and the second time was in Chicago outdoors downtown. He is so great live. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Sorry you're sick. I am too! At least we're getting it out of the way before Easter.