Monday, March 8, 2010

Hey, Soul Sister

(that's the title to the new Train song, and I'm loving it! It is one of those catchy songs that I'm sure people either love or hate. I love Train, saw them in concert back in 2001; their first top 40 hit, "Meet Virginia" is still one of my favorite tunes)

It's Monday and I'm tired. Saturday was our annual baby event at the hospital, and all went well. Not sure on the attendee count yet, but I'd guess it was just a little less than last year's 600 people; given that the weather was absolutely beautiful on Saturday, I'm glad we had as many as we did. We had about 50 vendors there, all local businesses specializing in things for expectant moms/parents. Here I am with one of our vendors:

Ok, it's me with my "sis-ter", Susan (family members, you will know to add the sing-songy tone to that, as Susan does!). She was looking great on Saturday, all put together as usual. When you're an extremely successful senior sales director for one of the nation's biggest skin care/cosmetic companies, you must look put together! And she does a fabulous job of it!

I, on the other hand, had the best of intentions on looking put together for Saturday's event, BUT I was exhausted Friday night, and overslept Saturday morning, so this is as good as it got. I hit "snooze" on my blackberry at 5AM, and then woke up with a start at 6:09 - had to be at work by 6:45, so went with the ponytail, minimal makeup (note the red face) but I was only 5 minutes late! Not too shabby for less than 30 minutes, AND that included a shower. I'm sure Susan wanted to get me in a chair and help me fix up a little, but she held back!

And while I'm on the subject of sisters, our sis Tara and hubby Luke just returned home after a 7-day cruise; their first time away from their little guy, Isaac. Check out their pics, here. I've never been on a cruise, so I'm looking forward to hearing about it when we're all together for Easter in a few weeks. (Dad and Mom watched Isaac at Tara & Luke's home for four days, so I'm SURE there are plenty of stories from that, as well!)

I'm getting back in shape for the warm weather, and really enjoying my cycling/cross training class, it was a great workout tonight. Unfortunately, there was some Nestle slice-and-bake cookie dough here at home that called my name after my healthy dinner, so I'm afraid that cancelled out some of my efforts at the gym. But I put the rest of the dough in the trash tonight, so TAKE THAT, temptation! Tomorrow's another day, and I'm ready for it!

We have an educational luncheon later this week, and another event next week, so work is pretty nuts right now, as it is every spring. But I just keep making my lists and checking things off, and knowing that it will calm down soon. Happy Monday!


Lucas said...

You look GREAT Nancy! Young, healthy, PERFECT! :) Congrats on a successful event.

Tara said...

Oh Nancy, you look great in that picture. I actually at first thought Susan had some sort of pajamas on. (Don't tell her I said that!!)
I also love that Train song. I'm considering it for my new ringtone.