Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life Gets in the Way

I've been busy trying to keep all the balls in the air over the past few weeks, and blogging is one I've let drop, obviously. All is good - just no "easy" posts right now - you know, those times where there are celebratory events or fun and exciting stuff and I can just throw some pics up on here in a couple of minutes and "ta-dah!", a blog post is done! As some of my siblings have said (ahem, Annie- not letting you forget this) those are the "good" posts, the ones with pictures! Never fear, though - we'll have some social events soon, to be sure; looking forward to Easter with my family, a tentative Branson Landing weekend with friends in April, and of course the John Mayer concert in late March. But for right now, just busy, busy, busy.

Work is jam-packed full of stuff this time of year, with several special events in addition to all of our normal activities and programs. Having been in my position for almost nine years, it is sometimes hard to find the excitement for the annual events, I guess. But I do love my job, and the people I work with; I really love seeing some of the newer members in my department bring their ideas and excitement, and help keep things fresh each year. Our biggest event, the 22nd annual Baby Affair, is next weekend, and we have some great new things planned.

On a personal note, I'm excited about taking steps towards a national certification for healthcare executives; have been researching it and talking to some other professionals who have completed it. With the state of the economy, continuing education is something that has not been in the budget for a few years in our health system- only those CEUs necessary for clinical recertification. So this would be an out-of-pocket expense, but worth it in terms of future career moves and networking with peers.

I'm back to a cycling/cross training class at the gym; I had started the class before my surgery in November, and just now feeling ready to get back to it. The teacher is awesome, is one of Paige's former high school (math and PE) teachers, and she makes us WORK in her class at the Y. On Wednesday we did 20 minutes cycling, then she had us do "5 in the corners" for the next 25 minutes- running the track and stopping in each corner to do five sets of exercises. It was intense - squats-thrusts, volleyball jumps, pushups, etc; made my Jillian Michael's Biggest Loser DVD look wimpy. I got through it, but my knees were aching for three days after- they've always given me trouble, and this was more than I'm used to doing. Luckily she changes up the cross-training portion every time, because I don't think these aching joints could handle that high intensity every time.

Not much new with any of the kiddos - Jace and Neil are both getting ready to start baseball, and Paige is busy at college. She had applied for a leadership retreat in January, and was one of the students chosen, it was this weekend. Dave is busy with his new position as a VP of sales; he is awesome at it, and I think really likes the challenge. He's got some plans for bathroom renovations here at home, now, and is in the middle of figuring out how much it will cost. I don't know that it is "Dave Ramsey-approved", but it is certainly "Nancy approved", because I know Dave, and he needs a project to keep busy! As long as we can stay relatively on budget, this is one that has needed to be done for some time.

That's all for now; hitting the gym in a bit, to Lowe's for tile shopping, and then getting ready for tonight's Dave Ramsey class. Later!

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Annie said...

I stand by my words - those are the GOOD posts!!! :)