Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So Random

Boy, haven't been on here in a few days; actually I think this is my longest lapse between blog posts in the past year - wish I could say it was because life has been so super exciting that I haven't been able to keep up, but really, not so much. Busy, but fairly routine. I just got home from the gym tonight, and struggling not to snack - I don't NEED to eat, but I'm hungry and I want to, even though I had dinner earlier tonight.

Not much to post about... just a few random thoughts and updates.

First thing is on eating, since that's where my head is right now, anyway. I had my quarterly meeting with my wellness coach at work, as part of our employee wellness program. I'm back to weekly Weight Watchers meeting, and counting points daily. I'm at 21 points per day right now; I usually use 6 points for breakfast, and then split up the rest between lunch, dinner and snacks. Plus I get 35 "extra" points per week, for splurges, etc, although the goal is not to use all of those. During our meeting Tony was talking about WW and how the points are basic figured on 50 calories each -- which means my 20 points/day is about 1,200 calories. Ack!! That has totally messed with my head. I didn't need to KNOW that my 21 points is only 1,200 calories - it seems like so much less food than it did before, when I think about restricting myself to that daily calorie amount... Totally psychological, I know, but I wish he hadn't shared that with me!


Just a fun fact, related to food AND money - specifically, our transition from using our debit card to using cash... On the Dave Ramsey DVD in class the other night, he said that McDonald's average purchase was at $4.73 back a few years ago when McD's only took cash. When they started taking credit/debit cards, it went up to $7.00. I can see why - it is a lot easier to supersize it, or add that apple pie or hot fudge sundae when when all you have to do is swipe that card! Using cash has been better on my wallet and my waistline, when it comes to eating out!


I love John Mayer's music (named my blog after one of my favorite songs on his Continuum CD) and I'm so lookin' forward to a road trip to STL with friend Steph to see him in concert in March. But geez, can't the guy just keep his mouth SHUT!? He loves to talk to the media... and sometimes he's quirky and funny, but other times he just goes off and says things without thinking... He tearfully apologized about his recent remarks in Playboy in one of his concerts last week - hopefully it was a legit learning experience for him, and he's not just trying to save face. Love your music, dude, but cut the commentary, shut up and sing!


The hubby gave me a funny card and a sweet card for Valentines Day, (both with very sweet and heartfelt written notes) and a really nice inkpen. Of course I gave him a card, AND some pj pants - his favorite NASCAR driver, Jimmie Johnson. I guess that means I'm supporting his redneck-ness, when it comes to liking NASCAR, something I can't believe I'm doing. The things you do for love. (I know I have my own quirks, honey - love you!)

One of our highlights of the past week was Sunday night's Financial Peace (Dave Ramsey) class; it is one of the best classes out of the 13 week series- all about Dumping Debt. This is one of the lessons that helped really push us into changing our outlook on expenditures/debt...
it was great to watch it again with the 40+ people taking the class, and renew our own motivation about paying down our debt. We've been doing well, but as I've said many times - this class is kind of like Weight Watchers for your finances - helps to keep you accountable and on track!

In travel news, we had planned to spend the weekend in KC visiting Paige and our friends Garry and Heather, but plans changed when their daughter Ryleigh came down with mono! So, we'll have to plan another weekend with them in the next few months. But we did still make a quick road trip up and back on Saturday to spend a little time with Paige. Here's a couple pics:

And the visit would NOT be complete without the obligatory picture of the phone booth - this time Jace wanted to be IN the phone booth when we took the picture!

We enjoyed our visit with Paige, just having a chance to sit and talk with her about all of her experiences so far this year. She's doing so well in school, and growing up in other ways too - not that I can really explain, but she is different even from this summer, just in the few short months in school. It is exciting to watch, and even though I know it makes Dave a little melancholy to know that she's growing up, he is also happy and so proud of her.

That's all for now, more soon.


Rob said...

Where's the sug?

nancy said...

Sug, I'm on the "Rob blog schedule" as of late, one post per month! Hee hee!