Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Countdown, continued

I'm in vacation countdown mode (two weeks and two days, to be exact) but the stress of getting everything done between now and then is either going to kill me or make me twice as ready for some time away! I'm in the process of hiring two employees for a grant at work, and of course the entire process is finally happening just in time to coincide with vacation. I'll be making the job offers on Friday, finishing up their training curriculum and orientation (new position, new process in our clinics, totally uncharted territory) and they will start the day I come back from vacation - no stress at all.

I passed my written scuba exam with a 98% (missed one out of 50) and Dave and I will get a couple more Saturday pool sessions in before we leave. I've also been working hard to get back to summer weight (and better muscle tone) with regular cycling and cross training classes - nothing like knowing I'll be wearing a swimsuit to get those priorities in check!

Tonight is Pancake Night for me and Jace, our regular Wednesday night tradition - now he's the one that's making the pancakes, which is nice for both of us! I'll treat myself to one pancake, and then some fruit and yogurt in addition.

Then I'll start tackling my list for the rest of the week - dog baths, continue painting file cabinet, laundry and some other cleaning. I stayed at work late last night in order to get some things done and take off half days tomorrow and Friday for Jace's spring break. Looking forward to spending some time with him, I think we'll go see a movie of his choice. Next week we're heading to St. Louis for the opening day Cardinals game, with Jace and my dad. I may have to work this weekend to make sure I can take off Thursday next week. Just have to keep reminding myself that I'll be relaxing on the beach in 16 days and counting!

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Lucas said...

Way to go on your SCUBA test! :D You rock sister! And you'll be happy for all that crosstraining when you are lugging 50 pounds of scuba gear down the beach to the boat. But trust me on this, when it comes to you in a swimsuit on the beach, TRUST ME!!!! You will feel like a total rockstar in Honduras! It's not AT ALL like Mexico where everyone is tiny and fit, NO!!! There are enormous foreigners who let it ALL hang out! I've never felt so svelt in all my life! Enjoy the ego boost! And I'm totally in count down mode with you too! You are just gonna LOVE it there! So serene! And the sunsets each and EVERY night are NOT to be missed! A cocktail, a lounge chair and you're set. That setting sun is just the BEST entertainment.