Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Four weeks from Friday we start our vacation, a.k.a. my 40th birthday trip - not that I'm counting the days down or anything. I'm very excited - we know it is going to be a different trip than our wedding trip in Jamaica, as far as the type of the resort. Most people that I tell about our upcoming vacation have never heard of Roatan, with the exception of divers, most of them are familiar, as the island is one of the top 10 dive locations in the world.

Our friends Shawn and Lucas have been there two times in the last 18 months, and the pics on her blog look awesome. I pulled her blog up the other night (it is a private site, so no sharing it on here!) and let Dave read all about their week there in December. She's such a great storyteller, and that trip was no exception - so many fabulous pictures and stories of their time in Roatan, it was exciting for us to see all that they did, and know we'll be right there very soon, enjoying the beach, the relaxation and the diving.

Here's a link to the resort website, Bananarama Dive Resort . The accomodations look simple but clean, the resort is small and the owners are actively involved in day to day resort operations. We've checked out all the ratings on Trip Advisor, looked at the feedback from other guests on there (both good and bad reviews, but mostly good) and I feel like we know what to expect. That seems to be the main issue with any negative reviews - people thought they were getting a different experience than what they had - were upset about bugs, or the fact that the resort is on generator power, or that there is only one "fancy" restaurant on the resort, or that things are usually quiet on the resort by 10 or 11 at night. But we know these things going in, our expectations are reasonable, and we're ready to relax and have fun with our friends Rick and Jan!

I'm taking my written certification test for SCUBA this Saturday afternoon, so busy reviewing for that this week. Paige will be home for spring break starting Saturday, so we're looking forward to seeing her and having a nice weekend with all three kiddos. I'm also going to have to go pull all my summer clothes out of storage, and determine a very small but versatile amount of clothing to take on vacation. Our diving gear (fins, masks, wet suits and Dave's vest) will be one of our two checked bags, and we're going to try to make all of our clothes (and my toiletries) fit in the other suitcase and carry-on. I always overpack, so this will be a new challenge for me, to keep it pared down to minimum. Better start now, only four weeks to get this all sorted out- ha!

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Lucas said...

So glad the blog was useful to you guys in helping prep you for the wonders of Roatan. For someone like me who suffers from vacation anxiety from time to time, I'm a firm believer in the magic of that spot in the world as I was an absolute PUDDLE of relaxation there. No anxiety whatsoever! It's just a slow pace of easy days and quiet nights, plus all the wonder of the SCUBA diving. You guys will have a blast! And I'd better get that package in the mail to you soon so you can take those cards down there for me. Are you saving room in your suitcase for that? And Nance, a few tank tops, a sundress or two, a pair of shorts and flippers and your bikini's and you'll be good to go! Skip the jewelry and the makeup and heels! :) SO EXCITED for you!!!!