Monday, April 18, 2011

Table for Six

Wednesday night was deemed my birthday celebration portion of our trip (although trust me, we toasted to my birthday several times throughout the week there!); our new Canadian friends Jaycee and Lisa suggested to Dave that they all surprise me with dinner over the water at a nearby restaurant, Bite on the Beach. They had dined in the main part of the restaurant the evening before, and thought that the hut over the water would be perfect spot for our celebration that night:

Dave had told me that we were all just going to walk down the beach to find some place to eat, so we left Bananarama and started off on a stroll, enjoying the stars, the water and the peacefulness of the night. When we arrived at Bite on the Beach, they led us out and seated us in the hut over the water. After we were seated, the waiter brought out champagne chilling on ice, from our friends Shawn and Lucas - how sweet was that!? They're our friends who have been to Bananarama twice, and so highly recommended both Roatan and the resort- and how right they were! The only thing that would've been better is if they could have been WITH us to celebrate. (Maybe next time, guys - we'll have to plan on it!)

Dinner was fabulous; all three of us girls enjoyed the lobster fettucine alfredo, something I rarely let myself order - and we really could've split an order between the three of us, the portions were huge. The fruity cocktails were flowin' - island coladas, mango bellinis and more.

A wonderful dinner and evening, with four great friends - we already knew we loved hanging out with Ric and Jan, and then we were fortunate enough to make some awesome new friends as well, just by virtue of being paired up with them on my open water diving classes. It was so interesting to visit with them over dinner, about the differences in our countries - health care was a big topic, very interesting discussion about their system and the recent changes in our's. We also talked about the cost of living, housing and the differences in the provinces throughout Canada - I learned so much about Canada's culture; it was a party AND a history/geography lesson for this information gatherer!

Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to me after dinner, and I made my birthday wish and blew out the candle on my slice of key lime pie. I think if Dave and I had one thing we would've changed about our trip, it was that they needed more chocolate on that island - we both love chocolate desserts, and that was definitely in short supply on all of the menus.

Thanks for the great evening, guys - a very memorable 40th birthday celebration.

More pictures soon, including diving - time for bed now though, after another load of laundry.


Anonymous said...

What a fun trip! Now I want to go on vacation! Happy 40th birthday! Almost. :)


Lucas said...

Glad we got to be part of your birthday celebration in some small way. And HELL YES we will all have to go back there TOGETHER!!!! Can't wait to plan that trip! :) Happy BD Nancy! You are one HOT 40 year old.