Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jace made the Tribe team!

His dad just texted me, and he has made the baseball team - so proud of him!  Tryouts were over a three week period, and he went to one of the early ones.  He pitched and batted at that one, and his dad felt he did pretty well, but was one of the smaller 13 year-olds, and it was some pretty fierce competition.  Jace wanted to attend the final tryout session this past weekend, and we drove back from Stockton on Saturday so he could do so.

The main guy organizing it came up to me after Saturday's tryout and told me that he was glad Jace had tried out again.  He said that  Jace was much stronger in fielding/throwing the ball than he had been in his first tryout, and that several of the coaches had commented on "the kid in the Orioles jersey"...

He's at the Y Teen program all day today, and I can't wait to see him tonight - he'll be so excited to hear he made the team.  Tonight is also 7th grade orientation for him - a big week.


Tara said...

That's great news! Tell Jace congratulations!!


Anne said...

I sw Jace yesterday at Day of Caring and couldn't beleve how much he'd grown since last year. I told him congratulations on making the team and he just beamed!