Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ahhh, Spring!

We're back to 40 degree weather today, but the last few days have been gorgeous, with temps in the 60s and 70s, so I know we're getting close to spring! As I was walking across the parking lot to my car yesterday, I saw my absolute favorite sign:

This yellow flowering bush is called a forsythia. Now, I realize this particular one isn't gorgeous-- it is chopped back and looking a little puny, but still - I was so happy when saw it and thought, "Spring is almost here!". As I drove home after that, I looked at the trees along the roads and they're all starting to bloom. I love spring. Some people love daffodils because they are one of the first things to pop out of the ground when the weather warms up, but I have always loved the forsythia bush. I have a great picture of Jace when he was about 20 months old, sitting out on a blanket on Easter afternoon, playing with the plastic eggs in front of the forsythia bush in our yard. (I would post it on here, but it is "pre-digital" and I only have it in hard copy in his album... darn!)

Now that I have a clean slate of a backyard (with a 20 foot by 30 foot deck, hot tub and for all the entertaining I could ever hope to do!) I think I will plant a couple of forsythia bushes. My dad is coming to visit for a couple of days at the end of March, and that will be a great project for us to tackle together.

Our baby event went very well last weekend; it was a long day but things went very smoothly. Later that evening a friend came into town, and we met some of my work friends and spouses for drinks on Saturday night. I enjoyed being off work Sunday and Monday, alhtough catching up from a day off has made the rest of my week busy. THIS weekend is our Junior League 5K to raise money for our crisis nursery. Jace and I are going to walk the 5K on Saturday, or at least the 1 mile fun run. And we'll be bringing Zoe-Wilson with us - Rocky would be too scared with all the crowds, I'm afraid!

I've got cookies in the oven for Jace (uh, and me!) right now, so I'll close and get them out and pour a couple glasses of milk... yum!


Lucas said...

Color me pea green with envy! Things are still white around here. No blooming buds or any signs of spring at all! In fact, we were in the negative temps yesterday. Sigh. Guess I'll have to live vicariously Nance. :)

taralb said...

I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying the month of March in Q-town. It actually feels like Spring is around the corner. In Chicago, winter lasts until the end of April and by the end of it I was going crazy!!

Thanks for the picture of Spring Nance! I know that once you all start getting signs of Spring they are soon to follow here!! Hooray! It's amazing what a little spring weather will do for the spirit.