Monday, March 23, 2009

Rest and Relaxation

It was hard to come back to work today, after a relaxing three day weekend with a friend who lives in St. Genevieve, about an hour south of St. Clair, where we grew up.

We got together for a late lunch on Saturday with another high school friend, and headed to the wineries in Ste. Gen later that afternoon. Unfortunately, the wineries were still on the winter time schedule and were closing right as we arrived, so we didn't get to visit them on Saturday. But we headed back on Sunday afternoon, and enjoyed the scenery and beautiful weather at Chaumette Winery.

Enjoying the gorgeous view from the balcony of the Chaumette Winery

It was a beautiful afternoon, and I hope to go back and visit Chaumette again when the weather is warmer. There is a path through the woods between Chaumette and neighboring Charleville Winery that would have been nice to walk, if we had more time. I bought a couple bottles of wine; the best known wine in Missouri is the Norton, which is not as smooth as a Cabernet, but is still very good, in my opinion. And, as we discussed with Daisy, the catering manager of the winery, that's all that really matters- what tastes good to you!

I headed home to Springfield last night; I had to work today, but now am off work tomorrow with Jace for his spring break. I have a work event on Thursday night, so will be working Wednesday and Thursday, but will be off Friday with him, too. Then my dad is coming to visit Friday night, after a conference here in Springfield, so we're looking forward to seeing him soon. Happy Monday, again, everyone!

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Lucas said...

Looks like a grand weekend! Ste. Gen is so dang charming. Glad you took a little "ME" time. You look fantastic!