Monday, June 15, 2009

Boat, Baby and Barometer

The title's a little goofy, but the "B" alliteration just worked, when I thought about the subject matter to be posted - all about our shiny boat, a new baby (nephew, that is) and the promising weather (ok, it was a stretch, but "barometer" works, I think).

First of all, I hope I don't jinx things by writing about it, I checked the weather for this weekend. It's become a commonly used internet bookmark for me, now that I've become a lake person. If we have no commitments for any given weekend, that is where you will find me (and Dave, and the kids) -at the lake, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and (hopefully) the sunshine.

And today when I logged on to The Weather Channel on my blackberry to check the 10 day forecast, I was shocked to see "ZERO PERCENT" chance of precip for Saturday- that has not happened in MONTHS. Truly, it is always at 20-30% at least, but more commonly it is at 50%, 60% or more. So hopefully the forecast will hold and we will indeed enjoy a balmy, sunny Saturday on Banana Pancakes (named after a Jack Johnson tune about lazy weekends, for those of you who may not be familiar).

Last weekend we spent both weekend days at the boat, and it was a work-filled weekend. Dave had decided that the boat was in need of not just waxing, but a good cleaning of the oxidation that had built up over the past few years. Without going into too much detail, the project took him all day Saturday and Sunday and involved him lying prone on the deck and leaning over to use sponges, cloths and an electric buffer to put on and buff off a coat of oxidization remover, then polish and finally wax... basically like waxing the entire boat three times. The quote that he had for someone else to do this was over $700, so it was time well spent for him to do it, in our opinion.

My time was spent cleaning and organizing the inside of the boat and the top of the boat- vacuuming, cleaning out drawers and closets down in the cabin, and cleaning/treating the leather and vinyl seats on the top of the boat. She's all ship shape now (a little boat pun for you; i'm just full of it tonight!) and ready for a fun weekend. We're in high hopes that my sister Susan and her family will make it down to the lake on Saturday, to enjoy the day with us.

And finally, the baby news; I am the proud new aunt of Isaac Paul, 7 pounds 15 ounces, 20.5 inches long, born at 11:54 AM on Monday June 15th. My sister Tara and BIL Luke are on cloud nine, I'm sure. We haven't seen any pictures yet, hope we will soon (hint hint).

Signing off now, to have a little bite of chicken. My dinner this evening was cereal, because I had a bit of a bigger lunch, so trying to stay within my WW points limit. But the baked chicken marinated in some yummy-smelling sesame/ginger marinade is calling my name. Yum....

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