Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Week in Review

When I last posted, we were headed to KC with Paige to visit her school and stay with friends Garry and Heather. It was an entertaining evening with Geather, as we like to call them (kinda like Brangelina or one of those celeb couples' names, but Dave and friends have been calling them Geather for years, so they were cool first!), they fixed some yummy appetizers and we broke out the wine and spent a good three hours just catching up on life:

Me, trying to be cool like my man G-Dykes!

The next day we headed to William Jewell early to start the orientation day with Paige. It was a lot of fun, she had several things to do on her own and then there were some combined sessions with students and parents. It was nice to visit the campus again and have a good idea of where all the buildings are, so we will know what she is talking about after she starts school and tells us about her days.

We headed home Friday night about 5pm, but with the KC rushhour traffic and an accident to boot, we didn't get home until almost 9pm. We both had friends we were supposed to meet (it was guys' weekend on friend CD's boat, and I had some girlfriends who had started with dinner and were continuing the evening with drinks) but we were both beat and ready to call it a night after the long day.

The rest of our weekend was spent at home, working on the deck (Dave), cleaning cabinets and purging things we haven't used in awhile (me) and taking Neil driving now that he has his permit (each of us did that various times on Saturday and Sunday, each time we needed to leave to go to the store, etc).

This week has been just as busy, with Neil and Jace both having baseball games on Monday, and then a dinner with a group of our friends last night. The boys both have games again tomorrow night, and then Friday will just be a relaxing evening at home, finally.

Saturday will find us heading to the lake (it is a weekend that the kids aren't with us) to wax the boat and hopefully get some relaxation in as well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will be sunny and 80s, but we will see. The rain just keeps finding us, even in June.
In other news, we're soon to be aunts and uncles in my family again, as we wait for the arrival of Tara and Luke's first child, Isaac. He's schedule to be induced and arrive into this world on June 16, just four days after Tara's 30th birthday! Our brother Rob got all kinds of heck from Tara (and Luke, actually!) when he suggested in an email that Tara could hopefully hold on and deliver baby Isaac on June 18, which is Rob's wife's birthday. Tara did not feel that his suggestion of 48 hours of labor was helpful, even if it was for a good cause! We're all excited for Tara and Luke, who know this will be a life changing event for them. (Just had to put that in there, Tara, since I knew you weren't sure how eventful this whole having-a-baby-thing is!! Ha!!)

Now I'm off to bed, with another early morning meeting looming. Will be so glad when Friday evening is here!


Anne said...

Love seeing the pix of WJC - takes me back a few years when Ralph and my $ went there! She got a degree and a hubby which resulted in two beautiful daughters so hope Paige is just as successful.

Tara said...

Funny stuff Nance!! You made me laugh!! Have a great weekend!!

Rob said...

I'm just thinking that since I share Aunt Mary's birthday and Jace shares Grandmother's birthday, it'd be great for someone in this new generation of babies to share a birthday!

Of course there's still the possibility that Isaac & Tara will share the same birthday... :)