Sunday, September 20, 2009

College Girl, Chucks, Curry and Clinton Kelly

I felt some better yesterday, so was able to join Dave in an impromptu trip to KC to see Paige and bring her a few more things for her dorm room. We hadn't planned to visit her until Parents Weekend in early October, but it was great to see her for a bit on Saturday. She's settling in to school, and has already made several good friends in her Oxbridge program and otherwise.

As for the post title -- of course the college girl was the main reason for our trip, and the Chucks and curry were a part of our KC visit, but no, Clinton Kelly wasn't -- however, my little brother delivered room service to him at the Raphael on the Plaza in KC, and texted me about it. Sweet! Mr. "What Not To Wear" was apparently dining in a Raphael robe, and I'm sure he managed to even look stylish in it!

In what some would say is direct opposition to style and Clinton Kelly, I bought another pair of Converse Chuck Taylors yesterday. I've been talking about getting a pair of green Chucks since we were in Boston and I bought a green Red Sox ball cap; so we found some money in the Dave Ramsey budget to splurge on these babies!

I was in good company with my purchase, as Garry and Heather's daughter, Rileigh, splurged on her own pair of Chuck Taylors, in red. She was stylin' for her evening plans, a boy/girl party next door for one of her friend's birthdays. And I was stylin' for our evening with Garry, Heather and Brent and Laura, who had a sitter for their kiddos and joined us for a couple of hours.

Garry cooked us a delicious curry, and made a believer out of me. I was worried, as I've had curry a couple of times and didn't enjoy the spice (think Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly) but it was an awesome meal. I put pineapple, bananas, onions and bacon on my curry/rice, and it was absolutely delish!

Dave and Garry finished the evening with a little electrical work, wiring in a dimmer switch for the dining room light. This morning Garry fixed us his family's version of Eggs Benedict - staying with the Dykes is like our own little B&B getaway. We're excited to head back up there in a few weekends with Jace and Neil, and spend Parents Weekend with Paige, see their family again, and help Heather celebrate her "almost milestone" birthday!


Tammy Kirks said...

Love your Chuck Taylors! Steve got me a pair for our anniversary and I get compliments every time I wear them! I still remember the first pair I had when I was about 9 years old. They were my favorite color - purple.

Lucas said...

Fun trip. Love the chucks! I have red and black myself. Cappy rocks black ones and white ones. We loves us some Chucks!