Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Celebrating Labor Day

Is it bad that we barely moved from the sofa all day yesterday? Jace was with his dad for Labor Day, and Neil was at the lake with his friend's family for the weekend, so it was just the two of us. We thoroughly enjoyed all ten episodes of the Band of Brothers marathon on Spike TV. We watched more TV in one day than we will watch in the next three weeks.

That's not to say that we didn't do anything all day; at least a few chores did get checked off the list, so the day wasn't a total waste. Lawn mowing (Dave), laundry (me), bill paying (Dave), grocery shopping (me)-- but that is about the extent of it, and that was only because the wonders of techonology (DVR) allow us to hit pause and get some work done in between the stretches of relaxation. Dave actually owns this miniseries on DVD, but we still watched it. My viewing was fairly intermittent, between snoozing (and then waking up and asking Dave what happened... can you believe that he refused to tell me after the fourth time I woke up and asked???), reading and halfway paying attention. It was a very enjoyable day, after a busy weekend spent at my parents' house, and then a friend's wedding reception Sunday night.

It was great to see all my siblings this weekend, (except for youngest brother Thomas, who was working) we only get together a few times a year. Saturday night the grandkids found a couple of hats, and had some fun:

I was so happy to kiss and hug and snuggle with the two newest additions to our family - my niece Eva, who is the only girl with all of these boys -- she is BEAUTIFUL!

And my newest nephew, Isaac, who I kept calling Winston Churchill, with his serious look. He is absolutely adorable, with the most animated expresssions I've ever seen on a baby as young as he is. You can see more pics of him here on my sis Tara and her hubby Luke's photo blog.

Had a great weekend, then back to Springpatch for a day of relaxation before this short work week, which already started out at a crazy pace with a Tuesday that was definitely a Monday!

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