Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowy Saturday

Oh, I'm glad it is Saturday! Even though we had a lot of snow (6 to 8 inches, is my unofficial estimate), I was up fairly early at 8AM, let the doggies out and back in, and headed out to take care of my Saturday morning errands. Was looking forward to checking in at Weight Watchers because I think I've had a pretty good week, and am down a couple of pounds. But apparently the WW staff and leaders were taking a snow day, or at least a snow morning, because the door was locked and lights were off at 9:30. So, I guess I'll have to go back tomorrow or Monday.

Now we're finishing laundry (me), viola practice (Jace) and a few other things before heading out to the nearby elementary school to let Jace and a friend hit the slopes with their sleds. The snow is that awesome powdery kind that's perfect for sledding, AND it is warm enough today for him to enjoy sledding without getting too cold. Will be bringing my camera to capture the fun!

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Rob said...

Looking forward to the photos! We had no snow in the StL area.