Friday, January 8, 2010

Technology Milestone

OK, I just had my first conversation via text with my 11-year-old. Sitting here at my desk, and heard my little text notification on my blackberry, and there he was... "Hi mom, its Jace". He is home from school today, thanks to our winter temps of 5 degrees and below.

We cancelled our land line a few months ago, and went to a prepaid cell phone for our home phone, for Jace to have/use at home when we weren't there; it just made more sense, financially. But what they don't make clear is that those prepaid minutes you purchase? They expire every 30 days. Which stinks, when you buy $15 of minutes and don't even use $5 of them. When we realized this, we decided to instead just add another phone to our cell phone plan, which will be cheaper.

So, he and I have been texting back and forth all morning... he has never texted before, but he told me a couple of nights ago (when he found out that we would have unlimited texting) that he's watched Neil enough to see how it works (Neil's 15, so his cell is never far from his reach - texting ALL THE TIME!)... and sure enough, he's figured it out. I'm sure he'll soon be better and quicker at it than I am --- teenagers!!

Glad it is Friday, it has been a difficult week at work, and I'm ready for a couple days off. We're having dinner at our house for friends on Saturday night, and looking forward to it.

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