Monday, May 24, 2010

Journey to Japan

My main reason for writing today is to share Paige's blog site. It has been a week today since she left for Japan, and I'm so glad she'll be blogging and sharing her experience. She's having an amazing time, and her first few days have been very busy. Her blog is very entertaining, and I've loved reading her thoughts and insights about the experience, and the interesting customs and culture in Japan. She is a very articulate writer, and you can check her blog out here, Journey to Japan. She just posted some beautiful pictures from a tour she took Saturday, some temples and historic areas in Japan.

Here in the midwest, we had a gorgeous weekend of sunshine and clear blue skies- a welcome change from the last several weeks. We took advantage of the weather and spent Saturday and Sunday afternoons outside, finishing the painting of the pergola and added some screening/reinforcement to the top, to give a little shade. Will post some pics soon - next project is to paint the entire deck surface again, next weekend, replace a few boards, and fill the planters with some bright annuals.

My plan for the gym this week is cycling tonight and Wednesday, yoga Tuesday and Saturday. Thursday's my day off, and looking forward to some social plans that night. I'll probably do something on Friday, but it may just be an elliptical day - not hitting that 6AM class again, whew.

Happy Monday!

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