Monday, May 31, 2010

Rest and Relaxation

I had to put this picture at the beginning of the post, just to set the mood - don't we look relaxed and happy? It was a wonderful weekend, I enjoyed every minute of it ... just enough relaxation to feel ready for the rest of the work week, while still having accomplished a few things. Ok, well, probably more relaxation than accomplishments, but it was sure nice!

Jace and I had a little mom/son time Friday night, and watched "New Moon", the second movie of the "Twilight" series. Then he headed to his dad's on Saturday morning for the weekend, and called me tonight to tell me about the fish he caught; he was so excited, said it was "at least a foot or foot and a half long!". What is it about guys and fish? He's starting this whole exaggeration thing pretty early - pretty soon the fish will be 3 feet long, etc! He's excited about fishing in Florida, getting a head start in the pond behind his dad's house. Tomorrow is Field Day at his school, so I'm taking off work in the morning and helping with the events. And Wednesday is the last school day of the year, and time for summer vacation.

Dave and I headed to the lake Saturday about 10AM, to hang out with Chris and Jana on their boat. I made to the gym for an 8AM cycling class, to at least get a little exercise in to counteract my plans for indulgence over the holiday weekend - hamburgers, chips, dessert and more... yum!

We headed out to a cove on Tablerock, dropped our anchor and tied up the boat with Jeff, Michelle and Sydney, some new friends of Chris and Jana's, from their dock. That's Jeff on top of his boat, hanging out the front window of the sedan bridge, while Michelle is driving.

When you're anchored out on the lake, the humans can use the bathroom on the boat, but the doggies have to get to shore to do their duty at some point. So, Chris swam over and back with them - he makes a pretty good water taxi, doesn't he?

We grilled out while we were in the cove, and then cruised around a bit at sunset, enjoying the view and getting a few pics before heading back to the dock for the evening.

We headed home mid-morning on Sunday to get ready to have Neil and some friends over for a barbecue later that evening. Dave made ribs and beercan chicken on his Big Green Egg, and we had Napa salad, strawberries, corn on the cob, and dessert - all low fat and Weight Watcher approved - ha! In keeping with our spring weather the past couple of months, the rain did make a brief appearance just as Dan and Gail were getting ready to come over. Thankfully the grill wasn't affected by the showers, although I did have to cover all the seats with some fashionable trash bags so that we could sit outside for dinner.

And, to wrap up the evening, we celebrated Paige's 19th birthday, thinking of her while she is in Japan:

Check her blog out, she had plans for her birthday, and has been very busy over the past several days. We miss you, Paige - happy birthday!

Today was quiet; did make it to the gym this morning, Gail and I walked/ran the track and then cycled for 20 minutes. Other than that, just took it easy, getting laundry caught up, reading, and watching a movie with Dave tonight. Sometimes it is really nice to have a weekend like this, and it felt okay to do so, especially since we did get so much done last weekend!


Lucas said...

You guys look GREAT! Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

Rob said...

Hey Sug,
Jace's field day isn't until Wednesday! (Dad ratted you out.)

nancy said...

Good grief, he must have called you as soon as he got off the phone with me... yes, I thought today was June 2, and so headed to school for Field Day... nope, tomorrow.

Rob said...

Actually he hung up on me so he could talk with you. Shows where I fall in the birth order! Later he called back and happened to mention field day. Pretty funny!