Thursday, June 24, 2010

Strength vs. Control

"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Ephesians 2:10

I don't know that I can really even adequately explain it, but today has been one of those days when I knew that God was making sure I understand that He is there and working in my life, if I will just slo-o-o-w-w-w down and listen. When it comes to faith and our path in life, it is my opinion, (and that's all it is, so take it with a grain of salt) that we are not "predetermined" to a particular path in life - we absolutely have the choice to do or not do something, and God allows us to make those choices. But He is there with us and helping/leading us, if we will just not always have to be so "in control" and think it is absolutely all our doing.

And I just needed a little reminder of that, I guess. I'm back from vacation this week, wrapping up at my current job. I'm really excited, but also a little nervous about making this big change, and more than a little sad about leaving all the people- and leaving the comfort and familiarity for something that will be brand new and unfamiliar in many ways. As I go through each day, making lists and going through files, etc, that little undercurrent of worry is there...

I had a visit from an old friend today; Phyllis was my first supervisor out of college, when I was an admissions coordinator at a nursing home, and she was the director of the social services department. She was a great mentor for me, and although we've lost touch over the years, I still appreciate her insight and the things she taught me early on in my career. We had a great visit today, and caught up on both business and personal. She changed jobs and careers about a year ago, and it wasn't by choice; she was downsized from her director position with another local health system after several years. But she's doing great, and loving her new job - it was really great to see how happy she is, and hear her talk about how she knows that she's where God wants her to be.

And then I heard this verse from Ephesians tonight, in the power yoga class that I've been attending at the Y. The class is called Selah Strength ; it is a very physically challenging class, but it is also a workout- and then quiet time - for my spirit. I didn't know much anything about the class when I started going six weeks ago, other than it was an intense workout for the core and arms, and a gal in my cycling class was proof of that.

I always enjoy the class, but tonight just really spoke to me. The instructor opens each class with a prayer and starts into stretching and an hour-long workout set to Christian music, a lot of which I recognize from our contemporary service at church. At the end, when we stretch and have a quiet time, she reads a Bible verse, and talks for a few minutes before ending in prayer. Tonight's closing verse was the one above, from Ephesians. The instructor, Rana, read the verse, and then just quietly talked about how each of us are unique, and are made for a specific purpose in life - God gives you talents and abilities, and is there with you...

As I was driving home, I thought "OK, Nancy. You've heard that twice in one day... first, from a friend who you haven't seen in a year, and then it is the verse in Selah tonight... probably a God thing, and not just a coincidence." It was a great reminder to me that He is there with me in this process, and a source of strength and calming, as I move forward.

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Anne said...

Great post, Nancy - and I so enjoyed our lunch together and visiting with you. I think you have wonderful insight into your life right now and I have no doubts about your success with the new position.

You definitely have me interested in the Y now - especially with the Selah class - it sounds awesome.

Thanks so much for sharing.