Thursday, June 17, 2010


Jace and I headed to Orlando on Monday and Tuesday, and checked out Universal Studios and Sea World. I really struggled with the choice of what we should do, since "going to Disney World" is what every kid hears about... but since Jace is almost 12, I didn't know if he would really like the younger parts of Disney. After talking to several people in the weeks before the trip, we settled on Universal Studios, which is a movie/TV theme park located in Orlando, and we definitely weren't disappointed.
It was an awesome time, but geez - so hot! The temps have been at 97-99 degrees this entire week, which is not typical for June, according to many people who live here. Sea World was really neat, but I thought they would have more water rides - only one! We drank a lot of water both days, and just tried to keep cool - at least the roller coaster rides helped to cool us off.

One of the shows we saw was on horror movie special effects; computers have definitely changed the industry so much in the past twenty years, but current movie monsters are a still mix between old and new technology. They also demonstrated how to cut someone's arm off (a hesitant audience member was the volunteer) and several other cool things.

The Simpsons ride was our favorite at Universal Studios - it was a simulation ride; we were in a "roller coaster car", four people in two rows, with sides put down, and then all the action took place on the screen that was all around us - like IMAX on steroids. Jace rode it three times; I could only handle two, had to sit out the third time.

Sea World was very cool, although I told Dave afterwards that the actual aquariums/exhibits were neat but I really thought that the New England Aquarium in Boston was better; would love to take Jace there sometime, it was one of my favorite places to visit. But the sealion show was great, they are so entertaining! And we rode Kraken, the "longest and fastest coaster in all of Orlando"... whew!

Shark exhibit at Sea World

Petting the manta rays

Sea Lion show

Jace had a great time, and I was glad we were able to visit - it was my first time to any of the parks as well- there were enough kids in my family that vacations were a very budgeted luxury, and Disney or the like were understandably out of the question, we'd have spent a fortune! This will probably be a one time experience for Jace, and I'm glad he got to do it - especially the special effects, the movie sets, etc. But as far as the rides, I think he'll be just fine to enjoy the coasters etc at Six Flags and Silver Dollar City, which are a little more affordable and closer to home.

Our next day was back in Fort Myers, out on the boat - some shark fishing! More on that soon.

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Rob said...

Do they still have the "Back to the Future" ride at Universal? We went several years ago when we were in Orlando for a mission trip. That one was my favorite, but at the time they didn't have any of the other rides you mentioned. Sounds like a fun trip (except the heat!)