Saturday, July 23, 2011


Nothing feels better than a day at the pool, when the weather is as sweltering hot as it has been for the past three weeks. The water has felt awesome the last few times I've been swimming; none of that gradually tiptoeing your way into the water, to get used to it...  nope, it feels wonderful just to jump right in!  It was really, really nice to take the day off work on Thursday and spend it at the pool with Jace and his aunts and cousins.  Michele was in town visiting her family for several days while Rob was in Kansas City for a conference.

We arrived early enough to get some chairs and space under one of the blue awnings, so the little ones could have a place to get out of the heat.

Henry's goin' for my camera!

Jace and his cousins Landon and Payton were excited about the pool - I didn't get any action shots of them, but trust me, they were all over the aquatic center!  This particular one has a couple of slides, a couple of diving boards and a "surfing" area, called the Huna.    

Sitting still long enough for a photo!

The little ones were a little more tentative, but once they got used to the water, they had plenty of fun. I spent most of my time with Henry, the little guy; he is so laid back!  He was fine in the water, and even almost fell asleep while I was holding him in the water later in the afternoon.  Susan was in charge of Miss Eva, of course - we always joke that she would take Eva home with her if Rob and Michele would let her.

We enjoyed the afternoon, and was just nice to spend time talking to Susan and Michele both.  Jace is also excited for our upcoming weekend in mid-August with Susan, Ron and the boys, when Tara and Luke will be there visiting.   Ron's got a new boat, and Jace's only questions were about tubing and kneeboarding - which are both a "yes!", according to Landon and Payton.

This morning I attended a photo class at the local store where I bought my camera several weeks ago.   They alternate basic classes on exposure, lighting and composition, one per month.  I had hoped to start with the exposure class, but it isn't offered until August.  I learned a lot today though - and am thinking about taking a more in-depth class at nights at the community college where the instructor teaches.

Jace's ball team is winding down their season, with a ballgame at 8pm tonight - hoping it will be a little cooler, since it is later this evening.  Then I'm headed to a friend's surprise birthday party, her 40th! 

Hope everyone is staying as cool as possible - happy Saturday!

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