Friday, July 29, 2011

Eyes Wide Open (& Still Can't See)

Its Friday - yay!  And I am taking off work a little early this afternoon, which makes it even better.   (And I'm going to KC for a concert tomorrow, but I believe we've already covered that!) However, I do have some work to accomplish today before I leave, and apparently NONE of my three pairs of reading glasses are here at work.  Crap.

I've had 20/20 vision my entire life, although it has been almost two since my last eye exam.  But I've needed to use reading glasses for the last several years... the optometrist says apparently I am a "slow focuser" -- (yeah, yeah, I know. This phrase could have several interpretations... )  However, in this case it means that my eyes have a hard time adjusting when going back and forth from paperwork to the computer screen, etc.  So I tend to get eye strain, headaches, etc. and just do much better with a pair of non-prescription readers.

In the last couple of years I've noticed I've had to start holding the small-print items further away from my face in order to see them, if I don' t have my reading glasses handy.   And of course I also have a hard time keeping track of my glasses (case in point, today)... maybe I should get one of those cords to put them on and wear them around my neck?  Boy, I'll be quite a date for someone at some point, pulling those reading glasses out of my purse to look at the menu.  Nice, huh!?  Way to focus on the positive, I know. 

Ok, back to work, I've seriously considered running over to Target and grabbing another pair for this morning, but I'm just gonna tough it out, only a couple hours left and I'm done for the weekend!

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Leslie said...

I have reading glasses also. I just had to start using them the past couple of years. I can't read anything without them anymore and the iphone sure doesn't help. AND I'm also going to KC this weekend... not for the concert though. Have fun!!