Monday, August 24, 2009

11 Years Ago Today

Ok, make that 11 years ago yesterday, since I didn't finish this last night... guess that doesn't make me Mother of the Year, since I couldn't even finish the post about Jace's birthday ON his birthday! But the day was so long, and the sofa was so comfortable, I fell asleep without finishing several things that I meant to do. And, Jace was not here with me last night to celebrate, since he and his dad share the same birthday. They had their plans last night, and he and I are celebrating his big day today, in addition to his first day in 5th grade.

Happy birthday to my son, Jace Nicholas, who so often just makes my day with his sweetness, his humor and his thoughtfulness. He spends some of his time with his dad each week, so I don't get to see him every single day; that's something I never planned on, when I held him in my arms as a baby and thought of him growing up. But life doesn't always turn out like we plan, and we have to make the best of what we do have.

And what I have is an awesome boy... someone who is growing up so fast but still wants to kiss and hug me each day... who is on the verge of liking all the cool music, tv shows, clothing styles and all those pre-adolescent things, but still has some stuffed animals (including a couple of mine from childhood) that he sleeps with at night... who can drive me CRAZY some days but still makes me want to hug him to pieces at bedtime as I kiss him good night and we say our prayers.

Happy birthday, honey. Looking forward to another great year for you, one that will fly by way too fast, just like the past 11 have... I love you!


Tara said...

Very sweet Nance! It choked me up. Jace is such a sweet kid.

Lucas said...

Happy Birthday Jace!