Sunday, August 2, 2009

Boston Trip: Day One

We are here in Cape Cod, Mass and are already on Vacation, Day Two. But I have to catch the blog up on all the pre-vacay stuff first!

I was very surprised and happy that Jace did have a ballgame on Thursday night, despite the rain we had Wednesday night and Thursday morning. So I was able to be at their game, and it was an awesome one to see. I arrived a bit late, and Jace's team, the Dodgers, was up to bat but already feeling stressed, as the other team, the Rockies, had led off batting and were up five runs already. The Dodgers didn't fare so well on batting, either, and all of us parents commented that we could really tell they were stressed and tense. This was the game that would determine if the Dodgers would go to the World Series of their baseball league, so it wasn't surprising that they were stressed.

When the Dodgers went back to the field, the same pitcher started the second inning, but was just having a bad night, and kept walking the Rockies batters. So Coach Tom put Jace in to pitch. As a mom, I was worried for him, because sometimes he can really let the stress get to him even in the normal games, much less one like this game. But he was AWESOME! Calm and focused, he pitched the rest of the game, and after a nail-biting extra (fifth)inning, the Dodgers came back to WIN! I was so proud of Jace and their whole team! I missed the World Series game on Friday night, but he called me afterwards, and they won the World Series too. Yay!

After Jace's game was over, we hurried home to hang out with Dave, Paige and Paige's friend Taylor, who was in visiting for a few days from Dallas, TX. He is a sweetie, and I can see why he and Paige get along so well. We all just sat and talked for awhile after dinner for a couple of hours. Then they headed back to Paige's house, to continue on with their busy four days. She had a lot planned for them to do, I know she was happy to have him visit and meet her family and friends.

Dave and I started our trip out right on Friday night, with our friends Garry and Heather in KC. Our flight left out of KC Saturday morning at 6AM, so we were glad to stay with them Friday night and only have a ten minute trip to the airport in the morning. I brought the spaghetti sauce Dave had fixed for our dinner with Paige on Thursday night, so we treated Garry and Heather to a bruschetta appetizer and pasta dinner on Friday night, as a thank-you for letting us crash with them.

We are excited that we will be seeing more of them over the next few years, since Paige will be going to college just 20 minutes away from their home. It will make the visits to see Paige twice as nice, with friends there as well!

Our flight on Saturday was early, but the upside to that was that we arrived in Boston by 10 AM. As our luggage came off the carousel, Dave joked that we won the prize because our big suitcase was the very first one out. Then we waited, and waited, and waited for our second suitcase with all of our toiletries in it. When they turned the carousel off and it hadn't showed up, I knew we were in trouble. One of the luggage guys came in to the area and said that there were five pieces of luggage that hadn't made it on our flight, and they would be on a later flight. Well, crap. We made arrangements for it to be delivered to our B&B on Cape Cod, and just hoped for the best.

We left Boston and headed south in our rental car, which is a Mustang convertible -- what a sweet car!!

Traffic was crazy, and it took about two hours to get to the Cape, but it was an enjoyable ride, although not so good on the hairstyle:

We stopped in Plymouth, Mass on the way to Cape Cod, to see Plymouth Rock and the harbor. Plymouth Rock is, well, just a rock. Although what more would one expect, I guess -- the Pilgrims used it as a step off of the Mayflower, so I guess it wouldn't be anything spectacular. The harbor was beautiful, and there was a replica of the Mayflower there; it was the actual size of the original boat, and much smaller than you would think, for the number of Pilgrims that made the voyage on it from England to America. We didn't go on the tour inside the boat, I hope that we can come back with Jace in a couple years and take him to see some of these same things.

We made it to Cape and our B&B about 4pm yesterday, and are preparing to start Day Two today. Will post more tonight, time to go enjoy the beautiful weather and a walk on the beach.

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Lucas said...

Looks like fun Nance. And I don't care what you say, that's a GREAT hairstyle for you! ;)