Monday, August 31, 2009

Go Cards!

Saturday night's game against the Nationals was our last of three Cards games this season, and it was a great game! This was actually Jace's first St. Louis Cards game, and he had a blast. He has been to several of our local double A Cardinal games here in Springpatch, but I guess we haven't made it to a St. Louis one until now. This is the first year that we have bought tickets to games, although Dave did get four tix through work and took Neil, Paige and me to a game a couple of years ago.

Jace and Neil have been so busy with their own baseball practice and games here in Springfield this summer; they couldn't go with us to the June game that we had planned on, and we ended up taking my dad and brother instead. So I was very glad that this weekend's game worked out for both of them to be able to go.

We arrived at Busch Stadium almost two hours early, hoping to see team batting practice, but Saturday night was photo night with the players. While we didn't get there nearly early enough to get down on the field and get photos, Neil and Jace did walk around some beforehand. They were interviewed by the Team Fredbird girls while out walking around - Dave happened to look up at the tv screen near our seats and there they were!

The game was terrific, and the Cards were goin' crazy with the hits (this time it was Holliday and Rasmus, and not Pujols). The game was a blowout, with the Cards winning 9-2. Jace took a ton of pics of the field, trying to get a shot of one of the big hitters as they came up to the plate.

After the game we headed to stay at my parents' on Saturday night. While Dave and Neil slept in on Sunday morning, Jace was up early to see if he could score a ride on one of the horses when his Mimi went to feed them. Grandpa Nick put the lead on Cinco, their calm 10-year-old horse, and Jace took a few turns around the corral.

It was a great weekend, and Jace was hoping we'd be back for another Cards game this year. I'm hoping we will see the Cards go all the way to the World Series again; if they do, though, we will be watching it on the TV here at home. But we will definitely plan on going to see some games next year with the boys, in between their crazy summer schedule of baseball games and other activities here at home.

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Lucas said...

Love the horse shots. Really took me back to my childhood in STL. We always had horses and I loved to go riding. With or without a saddle. The boys are getting SO BIG!!! You all look great.