Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day Three Boston Trip: "Mah-tha's Vineyard"

Day Two and Three have flown by and I will tell about them in a bit, but just had to title today's post as such, since I've been kidding Dave about it for the last few weeks.

He's lived in the Ozarks for 25 years, and most of the time you really can't tell that he is from Boston. Occasionally a word will creep in here and there, but overall he really doesn't have his "Bah-ston" accent anymore. However this is one word where you can just tell he is from the Northeast. He's tired of me ribbing him about it whenever we have been talking to friends about our upcoming trip: "C'mon, just tell them where we're going while we're on Cape Cod, just tell them!"...

Anyway, our trip to Martha's Vineyard was yesterday, and it was neat to see but we didn't end up spending all day there - headed back on the 3:45pm ferry. Here are a few pics:

We took the ferry over to MV and landed in Oak Bluffs, one of the four main towns on the island. We had to laugh when we saw the Nancy's restaurant - we asked someone who worked at the bar outside when the actual restaurant opened and her reply was "Oh, we usually open around 11ish"... sounds like the concept of "island time" isn't just in the tropics, huh?

Here's a shirt we saw while in Oak Bluffs... liked it enough to get a pic of it, but didn't really think I needed another T-shirt.

The annoying part of the day was the bus transportation all over the island. It was hot, sticky, crammed full of people and just plain uncomfortable. Especially when we really would've liked to rent a Jeep or a motorcycle for the day. But that would've meant spending $100-$180, and we had agreed that we are going to stay within our budget on this trip. The old Dave/Nancy would've just plunked that $$ down and enjoyed the heck out of the day. But we have been "acting our wage" (with Dave Ramsey, for those of you who know about him... I will post more on it after vacation) and to spend an additional $100+ was not something we were going to allow ourselves to do.

We both agreed after a few hours that we were ready to head back to the Cape, even though our original plan had been to eat dinner on MV and catch the 7pm ferry back. As we arrived on the bus back to Oak Bluffs, the driver pointed out the big white tents that were set up on the beautiful lawn area near the ferry. She said it was a "Celebrity Dream Auction" that started at 4pm, and there would be all kinds of celebs there - Michael J Fox and family, Ted Danson and Mary Steemburgen, and a few more she mentioned. I considered for a second if we should stay, since I had mused to Dave on our way there that "maybe we would see some famous people". But it just wasn't worth the wait, I was ready to get back to our B&B and a nice shower and comfy bed for a late afternoon nap.

I will have to post the Day Two pics and write more later. I've been on the computer for three hours, and the first two were on the pesky budget. It is amazing- no matter WHEN I take vacation in the summer, it seems that more often than not that is the week that budget adjustments are due!

More soon.


Lucas said...

Awww! Give poor Dave a break. Growing up in Boston with a Japanese Ma, it's a wonder he can speak intelligably at all! :) Plus I love his accent! Put me in Boston for 5 minutes and I'd be all Wicked Smaaart myself!
And "Living Your Wage?" I totally DON'T do that! Good for you guys.
Glad you guys are having fun!

nancy said...

Actually, Lucas, I agree with you, I LOVE his accent! Don't get to hear it much... Still remember our first date, he said "Satuhday" and I said 'are you from Boston?". It IS wicked awesome! :)

Anne said...

Looks like you're having a wonderful trip despite those damned budget adjustments! At least I'm not the one bugging you about them any more. Love your photos too. :-)