Thursday, July 30, 2009

#*&% Weather!!

I think I could easily title more than half of my posts over the last few months as "Rain, Rain Go Away". Here we are again today, with outside activities planned for the afternoon and it is raining -- huh, well imagine that. I know the weather has been crazy all over the US, with temps in the 100s in Seattle and one of the coolest, rainiest summers in New York, so we're not the only ones lamenting (or b*itching) about the weather, but geez!! We were supposed to go with Paige and her friend Taylor, who is visiting from Texas, to the lake today, and I don't know that it will happen now.

And Jace's baseball game was rained out on Tuesday night, so postponed 'til tonight, and now it looks like it will be rained out again. If so then I will be missing his last two games, (possibly the World Series of their league, if they win this next game) because we will be in Boston.

Just venting a bit; oh well, I guess we will just have to figure something else out with Paige and her friend (as Dave calls him- "Paige, how is your friend doing?" She and I kind of laughed about that; she is still his little girl, but he is really trying to do better with her dating!) if the rain doesn't go away. And then tonight it is last minute packing and prep for our trip that starts tomorrow...woo hoo!

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