Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bye Bye, Blackberry! (And some other updates as well)

Holy smokes! (that's a Nick phrase, for those of you who don't know my dad) On Saturday afternoon the unthinkable happened, and my blackberry plummeted into the depths of Tablerock Lake. My husband's only comment was, "Good, now I don't have to compete with you looking at your emails/texts all weekend!". (Although I know he will agree that I have consciously been a lot more "unplugged" lately, and only check it once in awhile in the evenings.) But going cold turkey for 3+ days, with no phone to talk to Jace when he was with his dad, and no way to check emails was just awful! So glad I got my replacement through work yesterday, and am back in my little technological comfort zone!

We had a great weekend at the lake, and on Saturday we piled on the boat to head over and pick up our friend Bobby at the timeshare condo where he and his family were staying for the weekend. As we left his cove, I went downstairs to prepare some munchies for everyone. Dave then said he was going to pick up speed and put it on plane for a little ride, and asked if everything was secure so it wouldn't get thrown around. My concern was all about the plates of fruit, crackers, cheese and dips that were ready to serve to everyone, so I headed downstairs to put up the dips and get everything put up.

With everything secure, I came back upstairs and sat back down with all the girls in the rear of the boat. We took off and started to get up "on plane", and the front of the boat went up. I looked over and saw my phone perched on the edge of the sink that is on the boat deck, and then watched helplessly as it slid right out of the sink basin, on to the floor, under the transom door, off the swim deck and out into the wake behind our boat!! Bobby saw it too, but there was no stopping it! But that is really the first phone casualty I have had in a few years, so I didn't feel too bad. And a new one didn't cost me anything, since I had bought this one over 1.5 years ago and was eligible for an upgrade through work. Sweet!

The weekend was fun, and while I know that week after week of lake pics all look the same, I will post a couple -- first, I was so glad that Gail and her hubby joined us, and we had an awesome time. It was her 43rd birthday (sorry, I am putting that in there, but Gail, you look fabulous- I know you hear all the time that you don't look your age!) and they had a condo in Branson for the weekend.

Our friend Emily was in town as well, doing an ENT rotation for her physician assistant program, and joined us for the day. I can't believe we don't have any pics of her on the camera, but she was gone for a little while when we were all in the water (some cute guy she met in Springpatch was also at the lake and took her for a spin on his waverunner) and then she was the one TAKING all the pics when she got back!

And, our friends and dock neighbors Carl and Pam tied up next to us in the cove - you'll be seeing more of them, since WE will be seeing more of them! We're headed to St. Louis this weekend for Cardinal games Fri and Sat night, and looking forward to a fun weekend with them. Here's a pic of me with them, and then one of Carl enjoying some summer fruit.

(Although it could've been the Belvedere that the watermelon was floating in that made it so enjoyable for him... Go Carl!)

In other news, the FPK (Gus) has been MIA for the last few days. I thought maybe he was just out roaming all day and coming home to visit us at night, since his food has been gone most mornings this past week. However I discovered on Monday night that it was a FPP that had been eating the food -- a front porch possum! Yuck. Needless to say I'm not putting food out anymore, unless I see Gus with my own two eyes - that possum doesn't need any kind of invitation to stay and be one of our pets!

Jace's last four baseball games of the summer season are this week and next week, it is the "World Series" of his league and his team is one of the top teams. Unfortunately the games were rained out last night, and I will miss the game Friday night since Dave and I will be in St. Louis. I hate to miss it, but we had the Cards tickets a few months ago, and had originally planned to take Jace and Neil, but neither one ended up being able to go. I know Jace wouldn't want to miss one of his last games, he has really loved baseball this year. And we have another STL Cards game at the end of August, so I've already put that on the calendar and made sure his dad knows that even with fall baseball starting, he is going to go to the game with us.

The summer is flying by, and the kids have so much going on, it is hard to fit everything in. We are looking forward to another weekend at the lake with them the weekend after next, and I know Jace is already looking forward to it as well. He's turned into a fisherman, loves to fish off the dock and off the shore, as well as swimming with Neil and the other boys that are on our dock.
I'm off to get my hair fixed (with a different stylist, so we will see!) later today, just finishing this post on my lunch break. Happy Wednesday to all, the week is halfway over!


Anne said...

OMG - I can't believe your b berry went swimming in Table Rock. You'll have to get a life jacket for the new one! I can empathize your dependence on that gizmo - I upgraded to an iPhone and it's like crack cocaine! I'm even choosing our lodging for this trip base on whether or not they have wi-fi since our phone service is spotty north of the border. Pls post pix of new hair style.

Rob said...

Thanks again for treating me to the Cards game a few weeks ago. If you have time this weekend, we'd love to have you drop by!

Lucas said...

YOWZA! Hot bikini top Nance.

Sorry about your phone. We would have had the same sitch here with The Captain happy and me freaked out! :)