Saturday, July 4, 2009

We Are Family

My sister Susan and her hubby Ron

"We are family, I got all my sisters and me..." Sister Sledge's 1970's dance is the ring tone on my blackberry for all my siblings and my parents... kinda nerdy, I know, but it is always fun to hear the phone ring and know it is one of them calling before I even get to the phone.

Susan, Ron and the kids came down to the lake yesterday to hang with us for the afternoon, and we had an awesome time. Today I'm sitting on the back of the boat while Dave, Neil and Jace swim and play catch in the lake in the rain. Yuck. How is it that the weather can be warm and sunny all week, and as soon as the weekend hits we are back to rain again?? Oh well, we are still enjoying ourselves, and hopefully the showers won't last all day.

Yesterday's weather was pretty nice - overcast, and not too warm, but warm enough to spend the afternoon coved out and swimming. Neil had baseball practice and a game so he had to stay in Springfield, but Paige and her cousin Katie did get to join us for the day. Paige always talks about Katie, so I was glad to meet her while she was visiting from Chicago.

Ron, enjoying the water, before the perch started biting his nipples! (that's a common thing with the fish, they look for moles, etc and can be very pesky!)

Dave giving Payton a ride from the shore to the boat

Payton, Jace and Landon

Jace and I had to head back to Springfield about 3pm yesterday, because he had a baseball game at 5:30. He pitched in last night's game, so I got a couple of shots:

Their team didn't win, but they did play a good game. Neil had a game as well, so Dave went to watch him play, and then the four of us headed back down here after showering and eating dinner at home. It was nice to be able to sleep in this morning, and not fight the holiday traffic between Springfield and here.

Tonight we will go out on the lake to see the fireworks put on by the city, I think the weather will clear off so we will be in for a treat! Happy 4th of July to all.


Lucas said...

Sounds like a great holiday Nance! And I once had a fish jump up and bite my earring, he stole it too!!! Not sure if it was a perch but it was crazy!

nancy said...

Lucas, that is crazy-- I'll have to watch my earrings! I think Dave said it is the perches that bite, but I really have no idea-- all I know is that they can scare the heck out of you when they come up and take a nibble!