Friday, July 10, 2009

"What we have here is a failure to communicate..."

Do you see them!?!? (No, not the semi-toned shoulders and arms, although I WAS happy to see those, courtesy of all gym time as of late)-- (Oh, and not the crooked pictures on the wall, either - I need to straighten those out!)

No, I'm talking about those LAYERS. In my hair. That weren't there until at the end of my 2.5 hour, $110 color and cut last night at 7:30, when she said "Do you just want me to trim up the ends?" and I said yes. But apparently that means two different things. I thought it meant trimming up the split ends, taking maybe /-------/ this much off... SHE apparently thought it meant taking the few longer layers I did have, and taking them up, oh, 2, maybe 3 INCHES. And NOW, I have layers. That I didn't want.

I have only been with her for three or four appointments, and I haven't changed yet, more for social reasons than anything. I like her, she is a great gal, and we have a lot in common. But I can't make that my sole decision for paying $100+ and then not getting what I want. She did a great job on the color, although she has messed that up before as well, because she did more what SHE thought would look good than what I asked for. She is really the first stylist I think who has truly had a mind of her own when it comes to my hair, and I don't like it!!

Ok, enough griping. I'll get used to it, and it is just hair. It will grow. But perhaps, considering that this is the 2nd post I've written on hair gone wrong, I should seek out another stylist.

Anyway, other than that, happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

I like it - but I'm not you, and your opinion is what counts. But as you said, it will grow ...

Lucas said...

I agree. She's fired. But you do look hot, toned arms, back AND short layers!