Sunday, July 19, 2009

Big Fun at Busch Stadium (and beyond!)

Back to the work week (it is a short one for me, but more on that in a bit) after an awesome road trip to see the Cards play Friday and Saturday night at Busch stadium. So, how were the games, you ask? Who won? Well, I CAN tell you that (and also that Pujols was amazing on Friday night) but I have to say that I'm not the kind of fan who spends every minute of the game glued to the plays, keeping track of the who, what and when-- it just isn't the case, as much as I'd like to say it is.

Especially this weekend, since we were there with friends both nights and it was a great time to just hang out and catch up, and keep one eye on the game in the meantime. I've never professed to be a sports fan, and most of the time I would rather have a sharp stick in the eye than watch sports (except when it is Jace, or Neil, of course) but I DO like baseball and the Cardinals.

We met friends Dave's college roomie Scott and his wife Robyn (the "Fo-schwangs", as Dave calls them, a long-standing nickname of their last name) on Friday night, and sat in some primo seats out underneath the scoreboard. The kicker was all the food and beer you could enjoy, and we got a great deal on the tickets!

Nice seats, huh!? We headed to Paddy O's after the game, and met Springfield friends Carl and Pam, who had headed up to St. Louis after work and were joining us for Saturday night's game.

(A little explanation of the above picture: we are holding up two and three fingers because this was our 2nd wedding anniversary trip this weekend, and Pam/Carl will celebrate their 3rd anniversary in October, and we'll be joining them in Vegas!)

The six of us had a great time at Paddy O's, until fairly late in the evening when Scott and Robyn headed back out to their home via the Metro, to tuck their kids in (who were still texting them at midnight and wondering when they were going to be home!). Since we had a room at the Sheraton downtown, we decided to continue the fun and head to the Big Bang on Laclede's Landing. I had a funny shot of me and Dave karaoking with our beers at our table, but I guess I didn't get it uploaded on to here, so you'll just have to use your imagination.

Saturday was a much quieter day and evening for the four of us, with a late lunch at Landry's at Union Station, and then some gym time for some of us (yes, including me) and then the game at 6:15.

We wrapped up the evening at the bar at the Sheraton, with some great conversation, a couple of shared desserts between the four of us, and a couple of greyhounds and chocolate martinis for me and Pam, respectively, while Dave enjoyed his Bailey's and coffee.

Then it was off to bed, and up yesterday morning to head to St. Clair so Dave could continue on the never-ending project with my dad!

This week I'm working today and then off the next couple of days for some minor surgery. Nothing serious, a uterine fibroid (cyst) that is going to be removed tomorrow, under general anesthesia, and then another day off to recuperate and I'm back to work. I'm not worried about it, and it is most assuredly benign, but has been causing some problems so I will be glad to have it removed. And I'm sure I'll be well taken care of by Dave and Jace, and even Paige, who will be coming over tomorrow after the surgery to sit with me and to show us her pictures from the cruise that she and her mother took for her high school graduation present.

Jace has his last couple of baseball games this week and next week; their team is one of the top teams still, so I am looking forward to seeing him play Thursday night. I hate that I missed his game Sunday, where he got the game ball for his pitching and for a heck of a hit to the outfield ("And not the close outfield either, Mom, it was WAY out there!")

Happy Monday to all!

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Anne said...

Hi Nancy - you're in my prayers for successful surgery.